It’s Official

Madilyn Faith Williams, my niece, was born at 1:57 PM today. She weighed in at a whopping 6 pounds 10 ounces. This marks the first grandchild for both my parents and for Jeff’s parents (well, at least his Mom’s). That also means that it is my first Uncle role. Go me. And Chris. And congrats to Jeff and Abbi, of course.

Time for Jeff to start his blog: “Here’s my MF”

Baby Madilyn with her mommy

Me and my niece (and a happy daddy)

Palmercat and his niece

The Aftermath

Last night, we (Rickey, Randall, and I) had our first rehearsal with Todd at the Guitar Helm. We all had fun and thought it was awesome.

We ended up writing half of a song, which is very cool and very metal – heavy in areas, pleasant in others (I get a very Opeth vibe from it). I even got a recording of it. Although the keys are way too high in the mix, it definitely gives us a sturdy building block to work from.

No, you can’t hear it. Not yet. No! Stop begging me! Allright, you can hear it. No, wait – you think you can just convince me to change my mind like that? What did you say? For sex? Damn, that’s a toughie… but the answer is still no.

Here’s why: We happen to have contact right now with a guy who is starting a record label. He wants to hear our stuff, so we are preparing to get into the recording studio and lay down our most recent stuff (Lost, Left Out, and this new one I would assume). Once we have a good recording of the new song(s), I will gladly post it online somewhere. And I’ll at least link it from here.

Selection Fixation

I have this weird habit while at my computer. When I am thinking about a solution, or just contemplating life, I have a tendency to click and drag my mouse pointer around the desktop – specifically highlighting only the wallpaper and none of my links or icons. Sometimes, you can get the little dotted-line box to stick – usually when the processor is choking on something or the memory is full. Fun times.

Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night – it was good. Depp portrays a deeply disturbed Wonka, as opposed to the temperamental Gene Wilder version. He’s much more bizarre and weird, but in a good way (at least for the adults). The soundtrack is entertaining, especially the Oompa Loompa songs (which I was pleasantly surprised by). And Wonka’s Welcome Song.

Willy Wonka… Willy Wonka…

Now Accepting applications for a Japanese girlfriend

So, I’m not really looking for a Japanese girlfriend (Link is SFW, website is NSFW), per se. Just need a girlfriend in general.

But what’s the rush? Well, first off, my sister has been married for 4+ years and is due to have Madalyn Faith Williams any day now. And as of about 6 hours ago, my brother is engaged to be wed (Congrats Chris – Palmercat gal is a good catch). That leaves me high and dry as the only Smith child to not be married or have the prospects of this occurrence happening any time soon. That’s what I get for being the shy one. And for not going to church, like my brother and sister do, well… religiously.

It’s been 2.5 years since Courtney. And I have had zero relationships in that time. Man, do I feel pathetic. But what do I do to increase my chances?

First off, I have got to get out more. And I don’t mean bars and clubs. I mean normal places like bookstores, coffee shops, etc. Also, I could look for a church that I feel comfortable at. I certainly never liked how fake everybody was at SBC through High School; and even when I came back 5 years later and tried out the college group, nothing had changed. Plus, there was the “Wade” incedent. The one thing that I think SBC still has going for them is Darryl DelHousaye. He is an amazing speaker.

I don’t know… I guess it’s time to prepare myself for the constant jabbing that I will be receiving from my family. I have a lot of learning to do before I can perfect my imitation of Jerry Jester.


The plan was over 2 weeks in the making, considering that it got postponed last week due to Rickey having to work. But tonight was supposed to be the night – the night that we invited Todd into the studio to hang out, jam, and write some new music. He definitely has some interest in playing with us, and we are left holding our collective breaths to see if he is interested in the long-term.

Unfortunately, our plans for jamming got placed on hold for one more week. He couldn’t find a babysitter for his child. But no worries – we’ll get in there. We’ll rock his socks off.

Oh, hey… You ever fold 9-10 of diamonds preflop (due to an enormous raise), only to have the flop come 6-7-8 of diamonds? I did.

Damn, I would have knocked out CPORetired on the 6th hand – the guy who ended up winning the table… and $90 for first place.

I just can’t take it any more.

Some people are so narrow-minded that they’re like horses on a race track – wearing blinders to block out everything that they don’t want to see. Yes, I am referring to the far-left, liberal, scum, who are so quick to blame G Dub and don’t even realize that perhaps there is a reason that we as a country (like it or not) are at war with terrorists and those who harbor them. Terrorists are killing innocent Americans and others around the world.

Now we have a situation in London where Al Qaeda has bombed busses and subways. Somehow, I doubt this attack had to do with the US. They were targeting innocent people in London! Oh… well… they must have gotten off at the wrong stop – they were supposed to be in Los Angeles for this attack, not London. Hey, no one said that terrorists were Einsteins…

Can anybody really not see that there is a simple equation here? Terrorists = Bad. It doesn’t matter what we do or say – Terrorists will kill those who stand against them. And what good are we as humans to let this injustice stand? Are we to do like the Frogs and just cower in a corner at the powerful force of evil? Fuck no! We have to defend ourselves, as well as the rest of the peace loving world.

I offer my main example of the blind, deaf and mute: (taken from

07/08/05 opened with continued news of the bombings in England. People killing other people. What is it that the terrorist want? When it all gets down to it, the Palestinians want their own country and the Iraqis want their own country and the Afghanistans want their own country and the Muslims do not want to be told what to do. The Americans on the other hand want to invade other countries to teach them a lesson that the American way of government is for them or we will kill them. 

Hey buddy – did you happen to notice the major inconsistency in your post there? How about the fact that you refer to the bombings in England… THEN BLAME IT ON THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT!!!! You seriously must be the biggest asshat on the planet. Oh, and how about this gem from another post on his blog:

Hey, this guy [GWB], along with his wealth raider Federalist buddies are ruining the whole world. These people think that it is completely acceptable to send armed soldiers into a foreign country and kill the locals. Such an action causes the locals to fight and kill as every action has a reaction. What are all of these people, politicians and military alike, thinking of? I mean grown men and women picking up arms against each other for the eventual outcome of DEATH. It would be much better if all of our military men and women were totally naked and loved the Iraqis and Afghanistanis to death. 

So, let me get this straight – We should not go to Iraq or Afghanistan in order to protect our way of life, but it is perfectly fine for them to come to the USA, hijack some airplanes, and drop the WTC Twin Towers? Yeah, we’re the bad guys.

Certainly there are casualties of war – Innocents who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. But don’t be a fool and mistake these as intentional deaths – our military and government are not in the business of waging war on the innocent. They are, however, in the business of keeping every man, woman, and child in America as safe as we can be.

And they’re doing a damn good job. So go about your life and remember that the reason you are allowed to be knee-jerk, bleeding-heart liberals, useless hippie pot-heads, commie-pinko leftists, bunny huggers, pillow biters, butt-pirates, or beastly man-haters*, is because our government takes the action necessary to keep us free and safe from those who wish us harm.


*I was only using the line above from PCU because it is funny; not to make fun of anybody. Well, maybe the bleeding-heart liberals…

Do you have bad credit? No credit? Bankruptcy?

Yarsh Motors can get you into a new or used car, no matter what kind of credit you have!

Ok, I really can’t help you out with your vehicular needs. And that sucks for Randall and, more recently, a coworker’s daughter.

Wednesday, ‘Polly’ got into an accident in her car. She was driving down the freeway and was either clipped by a large truck, or perhaps slightly swerved into a large truck, which then spun her into a wall. After hitting the wall, she proceeded to spin into another wall and then came to a halt. Fortunately, she was not injured, nor did she hit any other cars during her freespin. Although her car was pretty wrecked.

Thursday, if you can believe it, she got into another accident. In her mom’s new car. This time she was entering the freeway where they have the stop/go lights to smooth out the flow of traffic. She rammed into the back of a minivan. The airbag deployed, and the front end of this brand new car was totalled. This time, she walked away woth some neck pain, whiplash, and burns on her arms from the airbag exhaust.

Not to mention that this same coworker’s son had an accident earlier in the same day – although it was not his fault. Perhaps this family is cursed worse than Randall is when it comes to cars…

So, what are the morals of these stories? 1) Do not get into a car with ‘Polly’ if it means at any point driving on the freeway (unless you are the one driving). 2) ‘Polly’ is not allowed to drive my car. 3) Don’t be of blood-relation to my coworker. 4) Win the lottery and get a chauffeur to drive you around (or at least have enough money to cover the skyrocketing insurance rates if you continue to get into car accidents daily).

First Post!

On my new Laptop, that is. I got it fixed on Friday evening (the tech didn’t come out until 5pm). But at least now things are happy with this baby; not to mention it is awesome! Also, it is nice to see that there are still stupid people in every neighborhood (that I was in last night) – I was able to access the internet wirelessly from 3 separate locations… for free. Apparently security doesn’t mean much to these people.

But the night was not all good. Randall, Rick, and I went over to the Naumoff house for a “Celebration of Life” gathering. Stephanie’s dad passed away a week ago, but was very adamant about not wanting a funeral, so they instead just had a gathering of sorts to talk and console.

After leaving the party – Randall in his car, and Rick and I in mine – Rick and I pulled up to the stop sign at Greenway to see Randall’s Mustang stopped in the middle of the intersection, The first thing we saw was R running away from the car, not sure what exactly happened. We stopped, got out, and went to see what happened. Apparently R missed the stop sign at first, and then slammed on the breaks of his car, but that still landed him in the intersection. Just at that moment, he was hit by a 19-year-old girl, probably going about 70 MPH, who then careened into the median and hit a palm tree.

Randall was running to the other car to make sure that she was all right. Which she was, barring the hysteria. The cops showed up immediately – they were on their way out in the paddy wagon to get some DUI offenders on a July 4th weekend. Nothing much else happened with the incident – Randall was not injured at all – the only exception being Randall’s ’65 Mustang being totalled. I have no idea what it is with the bad luck that R has with cars.

He went on to say that he was definitely feeling like Job. Losing his band, then his car… all things that he loves. But we reminded him that he still has his health, his family, and his friends. He isn’t all that bummed really. He was more glad that the girl in the other car was fine, than he was mad about his car. Now that is quite a person – certainly not the lying, manipulative, asshole that Dave’s girlfriend makes him out to be.

I am very glad that Randall is ok, that he is who he is, and that he is such a good friend.