About Yarsh

Update 20210303:

I’m a software developer by day, musician by night and dad all of the time. My current hobbies are writing music, enjoying my family, playing keys/piano, going down the YouTube wormhole of cool things (woodworking! engineering! lock picking! other stuff I wish I could do!), and reading my bible. good espionage/thriller novels, Sudoku, and checking MySpace for comments… Yes, I am a comment whore and like having my blog read by the less than 10 people out there who occasionally stumble across it (I love you all). Now please leave a comment. I don’t mind if you don’t leave comments – I don’t even leave comments.

My love in life is Music God. And my family (wife and 3 little girls). Like I said, I am a musician by night also enjoy music and playing it, but mostly do it for the glory of God (Soli Deo Gloria!) at church these days. but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it during the day at work. There’s always a good song running through my head, whether it is something I have written or by one of the vast amounts of bands that I enjoy. Unfortunately, there comes a time when a BAD song starts running through my head, and the only cure is more cowbell. I mean, the cure is to put my nice headphones on and rock out to something fresh. You can check out some of my old musical selections right here

I recently started my own business with a couple of friends. It has been a bit slow over the past month and a half, but things seem to be picking up. That’s definitely good news for the landlord.

I have been writing software for a Healthcare company for the past 9 years and have enjoyed it, as well as the team I have around me.

I just thought it was time to refresh the look of the blog, but I won’t necessarily be contributing to it, at least not on any specific frequency…

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