My Gift Wishlist

Amazon wishlists don’t handle custom items very well, so I decided to have a better place to post my gift wishlist for the family to pick birthday/Christmas/just-because gifts from.

Here you’ll find things that I have been thinking about getting, whether they are realistic or fantasy…

*Updated 20231118

Don’t know what to get for me?…

Well, neither do I! Every year I try to come up with gift ideas for myself that aren’t expensive, and I’m just at a loss. So here are some random ideas:

  • Experiences – Classes, Sporting Events, Converts
  • Be creative! Make a craft or frame a photo…
  • Gift Cards to specific stores, like Home Depot or Lego Store or Guitar Center or a Gun shop, that I will need to be considerate about before spending (unlike Amazon where you can get anything and nothing)
  • Maker things – electronics, Lego, woodworking projects
  • Books – I’m going to try to be better about reading books this coming year (I like espionage for fiction, or Biblical content)
  • $1,000,000


Smart Watch

Not 100% sure which smartwatch I want (leaning towards Samsung 47mm), but here are some options:



Audio Mixer

Audio Mixer for my office



Backup camera for Truck

Backup camera kit for the truck. (Requires new radio as well, since there needs to be a screen to connect it to…)


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