The plan was over 2 weeks in the making, considering that it got postponed last week due to Rickey having to work. But tonight was supposed to be the night – the night that we invited Todd into the studio to hang out, jam, and write some new music. He definitely has some interest in playing with us, and we are left holding our collective breaths to see if he is interested in the long-term.

Unfortunately, our plans for jamming got placed on hold for one more week. He couldn’t find a babysitter for his child. But no worries – we’ll get in there. We’ll rock his socks off.

Oh, hey… You ever fold 9-10 of diamonds preflop (due to an enormous raise), only to have the flop come 6-7-8 of diamonds? I did.

Damn, I would have knocked out CPORetired on the 6th hand – the guy who ended up winning the table… and $90 for first place.

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5 responses to “Nuts!”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever folded what turned out to be a straight flush before, but I’ve folded quads at least three or four times. (dealt T3o with three tens on the flop)

  2. Oh and great job by CPORetired sticking staying in for the flop with K6 after a big raise… and again with bottom pair on a change someone had a flush…

  3. Well, in this particular instance, Blinds were 15-30 (which I called), but then it was raised to 550. That basically means that this player was representing AA or KK (which preflop I could not come close to). But to get called by someone with K6… That is truely a shitty hand to be playing. I wish that the flop was cheap and then CPO bet big. I would have destroyed him.

  4. That’s a crazy hand to have missed, but I have to admit I would of done the same as you. What’s the chances of all D876 showing?