Do you have bad credit? No credit? Bankruptcy?

Yarsh Motors can get you into a new or used car, no matter what kind of credit you have!

Ok, I really can’t help you out with your vehicular needs. And that sucks for Randall and, more recently, a coworker’s daughter.

Wednesday, ‘Polly’ got into an accident in her car. She was driving down the freeway and was either clipped by a large truck, or perhaps slightly swerved into a large truck, which then spun her into a wall. After hitting the wall, she proceeded to spin into another wall and then came to a halt. Fortunately, she was not injured, nor did she hit any other cars during her freespin. Although her car was pretty wrecked.

Thursday, if you can believe it, she got into another accident. In her mom’s new car. This time she was entering the freeway where they have the stop/go lights to smooth out the flow of traffic. She rammed into the back of a minivan. The airbag deployed, and the front end of this brand new car was totalled. This time, she walked away woth some neck pain, whiplash, and burns on her arms from the airbag exhaust.

Not to mention that this same coworker’s son had an accident earlier in the same day – although it was not his fault. Perhaps this family is cursed worse than Randall is when it comes to cars…

So, what are the morals of these stories? 1) Do not get into a car with ‘Polly’ if it means at any point driving on the freeway (unless you are the one driving). 2) ‘Polly’ is not allowed to drive my car. 3) Don’t be of blood-relation to my coworker. 4) Win the lottery and get a chauffeur to drive you around (or at least have enough money to cover the skyrocketing insurance rates if you continue to get into car accidents daily).


One response to “Do you have bad credit? No credit? Bankruptcy?”

  1. Amen to your morals buddy. No one should drive with me either. That’s just foolish. =)