The Aftermath

Last night, we (Rickey, Randall, and I) had our first rehearsal with Todd at the Guitar Helm. We all had fun and thought it was awesome.

We ended up writing half of a song, which is very cool and very metal – heavy in areas, pleasant in others (I get a very Opeth vibe from it). I even got a recording of it. Although the keys are way too high in the mix, it definitely gives us a sturdy building block to work from.

No, you can’t hear it. Not yet. No! Stop begging me! Allright, you can hear it. No, wait – you think you can just convince me to change my mind like that? What did you say? For sex? Damn, that’s a toughie… but the answer is still no.

Here’s why: We happen to have contact right now with a guy who is starting a record label. He wants to hear our stuff, so we are preparing to get into the recording studio and lay down our most recent stuff (Lost, Left Out, and this new one I would assume). Once we have a good recording of the new song(s), I will gladly post it online somewhere. And I’ll at least link it from here.

One response to “The Aftermath”

  1. Well, at least you’re not talking about ‘lame’ things like spirituality, music theory, politics, current events, world views, historical warfare, applied nuclear physics and others.