First Post!

On my new Laptop, that is. I got it fixed on Friday evening (the tech didn’t come out until 5pm). But at least now things are happy with this baby; not to mention it is awesome! Also, it is nice to see that there are still stupid people in every neighborhood (that I was in last night) – I was able to access the internet wirelessly from 3 separate locations… for free. Apparently security doesn’t mean much to these people.

But the night was not all good. Randall, Rick, and I went over to the Naumoff house for a “Celebration of Life” gathering. Stephanie’s dad passed away a week ago, but was very adamant about not wanting a funeral, so they instead just had a gathering of sorts to talk and console.

After leaving the party – Randall in his car, and Rick and I in mine – Rick and I pulled up to the stop sign at Greenway to see Randall’s Mustang stopped in the middle of the intersection, The first thing we saw was R running away from the car, not sure what exactly happened. We stopped, got out, and went to see what happened. Apparently R missed the stop sign at first, and then slammed on the breaks of his car, but that still landed him in the intersection. Just at that moment, he was hit by a 19-year-old girl, probably going about 70 MPH, who then careened into the median and hit a palm tree.

Randall was running to the other car to make sure that she was all right. Which she was, barring the hysteria. The cops showed up immediately – they were on their way out in the paddy wagon to get some DUI offenders on a July 4th weekend. Nothing much else happened with the incident – Randall was not injured at all – the only exception being Randall’s ’65 Mustang being totalled. I have no idea what it is with the bad luck that R has with cars.

He went on to say that he was definitely feeling like Job. Losing his band, then his car… all things that he loves. But we reminded him that he still has his health, his family, and his friends. He isn’t all that bummed really. He was more glad that the girl in the other car was fine, than he was mad about his car. Now that is quite a person – certainly not the lying, manipulative, asshole that Dave’s girlfriend makes him out to be.

I am very glad that Randall is ok, that he is who he is, and that he is such a good friend.

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4 responses to “First Post!”

  1. Now you need two more Wireless cards and you can load balance the bandwidth and have a really LARGE pipe.. instead of a 54meg Wireless G connection 😉

  2. WOW, Randall is amazingly luckly that he was not hurt. Someone was really watching over him. If he were Job, he would have been hurt too since Job lost his health. He is better off than Job!

  3. Gah, you’re scaring me! I don’t know anything about my wireless internet connection lalalala stuff and I always think people are accessing my internet!

    Now I’m paranoid…do do do do do…