I just can’t take it any more.

Some people are so narrow-minded that they’re like horses on a race track – wearing blinders to block out everything that they don’t want to see. Yes, I am referring to the far-left, liberal, scum, who are so quick to blame G Dub and don’t even realize that perhaps there is a reason that we as a country (like it or not) are at war with terrorists and those who harbor them. Terrorists are killing innocent Americans and others around the world.

Now we have a situation in London where Al Qaeda has bombed busses and subways. Somehow, I doubt this attack had to do with the US. They were targeting innocent people in London! Oh… well… they must have gotten off at the wrong stop – they were supposed to be in Los Angeles for this attack, not London. Hey, no one said that terrorists were Einsteins…

Can anybody really not see that there is a simple equation here? Terrorists = Bad. It doesn’t matter what we do or say – Terrorists will kill those who stand against them. And what good are we as humans to let this injustice stand? Are we to do like the Frogs and just cower in a corner at the powerful force of evil? Fuck no! We have to defend ourselves, as well as the rest of the peace loving world.

I offer my main example of the blind, deaf and mute: (taken from loveiswhatitsallabout.blogspot.com)

07/08/05 opened with continued news of the bombings in England. People killing other people. What is it that the terrorist want? When it all gets down to it, the Palestinians want their own country and the Iraqis want their own country and the Afghanistans want their own country and the Muslims do not want to be told what to do. The Americans on the other hand want to invade other countries to teach them a lesson that the American way of government is for them or we will kill them. 

Hey buddy – did you happen to notice the major inconsistency in your post there? How about the fact that you refer to the bombings in England… THEN BLAME IT ON THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT!!!! You seriously must be the biggest asshat on the planet. Oh, and how about this gem from another post on his blog:

Hey, this guy [GWB], along with his wealth raider Federalist buddies are ruining the whole world. These people think that it is completely acceptable to send armed soldiers into a foreign country and kill the locals. Such an action causes the locals to fight and kill as every action has a reaction. What are all of these people, politicians and military alike, thinking of? I mean grown men and women picking up arms against each other for the eventual outcome of DEATH. It would be much better if all of our military men and women were totally naked and loved the Iraqis and Afghanistanis to death. 

So, let me get this straight – We should not go to Iraq or Afghanistan in order to protect our way of life, but it is perfectly fine for them to come to the USA, hijack some airplanes, and drop the WTC Twin Towers? Yeah, we’re the bad guys.

Certainly there are casualties of war – Innocents who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. But don’t be a fool and mistake these as intentional deaths – our military and government are not in the business of waging war on the innocent. They are, however, in the business of keeping every man, woman, and child in America as safe as we can be.

And they’re doing a damn good job. So go about your life and remember that the reason you are allowed to be knee-jerk, bleeding-heart liberals, useless hippie pot-heads, commie-pinko leftists, bunny huggers, pillow biters, butt-pirates, or beastly man-haters*, is because our government takes the action necessary to keep us free and safe from those who wish us harm.


*I was only using the line above from PCU because it is funny; not to make fun of anybody. Well, maybe the bleeding-heart liberals…


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  1. I can’t believe someone would blame the US for London. What a fucking flaming liberal retard!

    Wow, If I ever get my head that far up my ass please shoot me.