Giving Thanks… Belatedly

Even though I am currently at a major turning point in my life, I still have a lot to be thankful for. I figured that this is as good of a place as any to list those things.

I am thankful for:

  • Mom and Dad – 2 people who mean more to me than I tend to lead on to
  • Abbi and Chris – Little sister and brother whom I have grown significantly closer to over the last year+. In fact, I haven’t felt this close to them since childhood.
  • Jeff – My brother-in-law. My mildly mentally-retarded friend. My moral support. My mentor. Wanna ride bikes?
  • Jen – My newly appointed sister-in-law. Welcome to the funny farm.
  • Madilyn Faith Williams – My first opportunity to venture into unclehood
  • Randall – My twin and closest friend outside of my immediate family (but is still part of my family – and I, a part of his). My musical counterpart. The Big Man of integrity. For Randall’s new friendship with Chris.
  • Richard – My other twin, and an Identical one to Randall. My low frequency master o’ mayhem (says so on his blog). Seriously, It’s time to rock!
  • John – For draining my bank account in order to get a great house (it was worth it).
  • Mark – For friendship and knowledge. For picking on “The Man.” For Beer. For a currently uncertain, yet quite promising, future.
  • Group 2
  • A flood of off-hours work, not associated with my full-time job
  • Holidays = extra days off of work and good food
  • Lollipops
  • House and Family Guy

Thanks :-) 

Click… Click… Boom!

I made a purchase on Saturday. I bought my baby back. An HK USP 40 Compact Semi-Automatic pistol. I sold it to my former roommate, Tony, because I owed him some money. And now, 3 years later, I finally had the means to buy it back. I want to thank Tony for being open to the idea of selling it back to me. I hope you enjoy the P2022 .357 Sig.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a chance to fire it. And I took full advantage. The only thing I noticed was that the sights were slightly off (they were a little low). Other than that, no jamming and smooth loading. Not to mention smooth firing. I am a very happy customer 🙂

Also, since it was Mark‘s birthday, he got a free rental of a machine gun. The obvious choice was an HK MP5. What an awesome gun. I got to shoot 1 magazine (don’t ever call it a clip) of 25 rounds. The instructor had us shoot 3 single shots into the chest area of the target. From there, we were allowed to play with the 3-round-burst and full auto modes. I chose to fire off the next 12 rounds in 3-burst mode, and the final 10 in full auto. Damn was it cool – and was quite accurate and easy to operate to boot. I counted 24 rounds through my target, but I am pretty sure the 25th went through another hole almost exactly. Not bad. Not bad at all.

So, March 7th… You know where you can find me

A Poker Predicament

Question 1: You find yourself on the Button, 9 players still at the table, everyone folds to you… And you have Rockets. What do you do?

Answer: Raise, but not too much. You want some action from the blinds. You raise 3x the Big blind. Both Small and Big call you – game on.

Question 2: Flop comes Ten of Diamonds, King of Diamonds, King of Clubs. SB checks, BB bets 200 (5x Big Blind). If he has a King, you’re screwed and left with 2 outs. What do you do?

Answer: Fold them up? Probably the best play. But you’re stubborn. Your Aces have to win. Hey, there’s only a 15% chance that this guy can win, assuming that he doesn’t have a King and is bluffing. But if he holds the King, there is a 91% chance you are going to lose. You call anyways.

Question 3: Turn shows a 3 of Spades. No help. He checks – a sign of weakness. What do you do?

Answer: You bet. And he calls immediately. He probably does have that King (in which case you are about 5% to win).

The river is dealt. It could be the most glorious card you have ever seen – Ace of Diamonds. You have a boat – Aces full of Kings. You bet 120 (should have bet more), he calls and shows up King-Jack of Spades. You win. You shouldn’t have won, but you did. Lucky Bastard.

Lets not think about the 2 hands that could have destroyed you (pocket kings – giving him 4 of a kind; or Queen-Jack of Diamonds – giving him the elusive Royal Flush).

As a side note, my poker skills have gotten pretty decent. I was totally prepared to fold this hand. In fact, if I was in Vegas, I would have folded. And I would have showed my opponent that I was capable of laying down such a monster hand. And I would have kicked his ass later on a stone cold bluff. Nooch.

All dressed up with somewhere to go

My brother‘s wedding went off well. Besides the bride handoff from father to future husband (which was messed up in rehearsal too), there were no problems really. Congrats again to Chris and Jen – may you live happily ever after.

I don’t really have many pics to post yet – until I get some of the actual wedding shots, which were all taken digitally, these few will have to suffice. Thanks to John for these.

Randall and I after 1 too many Cokes (and no alcohol) 

Face full of cake for Chris

Chris Reciprocates the offer from Jen

Leisure Suit Rapasky

The dollar dance – Chris and Rapasky: The Odd Couple

Empty space in my head

You ever find yourself temporarily out of blog material? It happened to me. I refuse to post anything about my company and job situation. I could post some nonsensical tripe, but I’ll leave that to John. Instead, I’m left to report on my day to day activities. It is this, I believe, that has rendered me removed from Shaken‘s “Teh Linksz0rz!” list. Fail.

Here’s what’s up: Chris gets married tomorrow. That should be entertaining, especially considering the wit of my brother. You know there will be some of teh funny going on. I have yet to decide if the old “Help me written on the groom’s shoes” trick will be put in play (probably with something other than Help Me – I was thinking Giggity!), but that could provide some hilarity. I don’t think Palmercat Gal‘s parents would find it funny though (long story, and not mine to tell).

1 more Smith down, one to go.

At the poker table in Vegas this past weekend, the dealer said, “Let me guess, you’re the luck one,” and pointed to me. I proudly proclaimed, “Yeah, I am the lucky one. He’s the one getting married,” and pointed to my brother seated next to me. I thought it was funny, and fortunately so did the rest of the table. I like Vegas 🙂

I have a free 2-night stay at Rio sometime in January which I think I will try to take advantage of – assuming I have a job. I think it is time for an old fashioned road trip with the guys. So, Who’s in?