All dressed up with somewhere to go

My brother‘s wedding went off well. Besides the bride handoff from father to future husband (which was messed up in rehearsal too), there were no problems really. Congrats again to Chris and Jen – may you live happily ever after.

I don’t really have many pics to post yet – until I get some of the actual wedding shots, which were all taken digitally, these few will have to suffice. Thanks to John for these.

Randall and I after 1 too many Cokes (and no alcohol) 

Face full of cake for Chris

Chris Reciprocates the offer from Jen

Leisure Suit Rapasky

The dollar dance – Chris and Rapasky: The Odd Couple

2 responses to “All dressed up with somewhere to go”

  1. No one noticed anyone screw anything up with the handoff. That’s the nice thing about weddings, the people sitting don’t know a damned thing about how it’s really supposed to have happened.
    It was a great reception and a very nice wedding.