Click… Click… Boom!

I made a purchase on Saturday. I bought my baby back. An HK USP 40 Compact Semi-Automatic pistol. I sold it to my former roommate, Tony, because I owed him some money. And now, 3 years later, I finally had the means to buy it back. I want to thank Tony for being open to the idea of selling it back to me. I hope you enjoy the P2022 .357 Sig.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a chance to fire it. And I took full advantage. The only thing I noticed was that the sights were slightly off (they were a little low). Other than that, no jamming and smooth loading. Not to mention smooth firing. I am a very happy customer 🙂

Also, since it was Mark‘s birthday, he got a free rental of a machine gun. The obvious choice was an HK MP5. What an awesome gun. I got to shoot 1 magazine (don’t ever call it a clip) of 25 rounds. The instructor had us shoot 3 single shots into the chest area of the target. From there, we were allowed to play with the 3-round-burst and full auto modes. I chose to fire off the next 12 rounds in 3-burst mode, and the final 10 in full auto. Damn was it cool – and was quite accurate and easy to operate to boot. I counted 24 rounds through my target, but I am pretty sure the 25th went through another hole almost exactly. Not bad. Not bad at all.

So, March 7th… You know where you can find me


5 responses to “Click… Click… Boom!”

  1. The guy I shot might still be alive, but he’s missing a couple lungs and a stomach + intestinal tract. Oh, his heart looked pretty banged up too.

  2. So you buy a gun shortly after you get are put into group 2 at work? Should we be worried about anything? 🙂

    How was the recoil on the MP5? I’ve always assumed that full auto would get pretty inaccurate real fast.

  3. Certainly, full auto gets inaccurate pretty fast (up and to the right for a right-handed person). But the recoil is surprisingly light. Then again, an MP5 uses 9mm rounds so I would expect nothing less. And at $16,000 for the dang thing, it better perform well.

  4. It was sweet. They charge double the going rate for bullets in clips for the MP5. $10 for 25 bullets.

    Fine. Rounds and magazines.

  5. I noticed that too. Pretty gay if you ask me. I would have bought another box of 50 rounds if they would have let us do that.