Empty space in my head

You ever find yourself temporarily out of blog material? It happened to me. I refuse to post anything about my company and job situation. I could post some nonsensical tripe, but I’ll leave that to John. Instead, I’m left to report on my day to day activities. It is this, I believe, that has rendered me removed from Shaken‘s “Teh Linksz0rz!” list. Fail.

Here’s what’s up: Chris gets married tomorrow. That should be entertaining, especially considering the wit of my brother. You know there will be some of teh funny going on. I have yet to decide if the old “Help me written on the groom’s shoes” trick will be put in play (probably with something other than Help Me – I was thinking Giggity!), but that could provide some hilarity. I don’t think Palmercat Gal‘s parents would find it funny though (long story, and not mine to tell).

1 more Smith down, one to go.

At the poker table in Vegas this past weekend, the dealer said, “Let me guess, you’re the luck one,” and pointed to me. I proudly proclaimed, “Yeah, I am the lucky one. He’s the one getting married,” and pointed to my brother seated next to me. I thought it was funny, and fortunately so did the rest of the table. I like Vegas 🙂

I have a free 2-night stay at Rio sometime in January which I think I will try to take advantage of – assuming I have a job. I think it is time for an old fashioned road trip with the guys. So, Who’s in?


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