What’s this? A real post?

Granted, it’s not much of one. But it’s not some *made-up story…

This weekend should be very busy and, at the same time, very entertaining. We start off tomorrow night with a raging kegger at the Short‘s. Actually, it’s a costume party, which should be fun. I’m pretty sure that most of the people there will not have any idea of what I am supposed to be, but those that do know will think it is awesome. Yes, I am going in my boxers.

Saturday night, we have a raging kegger at Mark‘s place for his 2nd annual “Thank God I’m Alive” party. Randall and I are going to leave a bit early from there to head over to Alice Cooper’stown to check out Ben Araiza (who’s site seems to be down – MP3s here) rocking the joint, as well as hang out with those cool MoFos. We plan to return to Mark’s party after Cooper’stown, but that’s still up in the air.

Should be some serious fun. I will get some pictures up from the costume party, and maybe from Mark’s and Cooper’stown as well.

*I totally made everything up that occurs in The DCtm

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