Time for an update…

Instead of writing several posts about what is going on with my life, I think 1 post with brief snippets of info will suffice.

1) My job search continues. I have determined that Monster.com is the greatest job website. I post my resume on there, and people call me about potential positions. After updating my resume 4 days ago, I have had no less than 7 phone calls and 8 email asking to speak with me about job opportunities. Granted, most of them were recruiters/head hunters, but there were some actual companies. Next week is going to be a busy one…

2) In other job related stories, my brother was just fired from his new job at a bank. No reason was given to him, just that “it wasn’t working out.” Apparently, they told the same thing to another employee the day before. I told him to post his resume on Monster. Hopefully, he will have a bit of luck in the same way I have..

3) Saw Against The Natural last night inside of a Zia Record Exchange store. They had to play acoustic (which I was not aware of), but it was good nonetheless. They play again next Friday @ Joe’s Grotto.

Tonight, we see Evolocity, the band that Randall proclaims to be “the best (live) local band in AZ”. Unfortunately, their recordings just don’t do the live show justice.

4) Ben Araiza (remember the name, he will be big) just put the finishing touches (Mixing and Mastering) on a new song called Only if We’re Dancin’. It features the fabulous Tina K on vocals, a voice that completely mesmerizes me. I really love this song. It is totally different from anything you would normally catch me listening to, but everytime I visit Ben’s or Tina’s Myspace page, I have to listen to the entire song. Check it out for yourselves – Download it now.

5) Speaking of new music… I got my hands on the new Chicago CD – XXX (let the pr0n jokes commence). I was interested in this CD because I grew up with the “lite-rock” genre, and Chicago was my favorite band (Side Note: I didn’t even get into Heavier Rock until my purchase of Van Halen’s Balance in 1996. This was a life changing purchase). But they haven’t put anything out in the past 15 years that has been worthy of the Chicago name. This album brings them back. I have listened to the album 3 times in the past 2 days and I really enjoy about 80% of it. It’s good to see fresh, revitalized music come out from one of your childhood favorites. I recommend this album to anyone who likes/liked Chicago in their rock-ballad 80’s heyday.

6) Finally for this post: The Goat. The Goatee is back and looking good 🙂

Hopefully, I can get you some exciting updates in the very near future. Happy for now, Sandii?

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2 responses to “Time for an update…”

  1. 1. Good luck with that! (seriously)

    2. That was mighty ghey of the bank.

    3. I’m sure my wife was there.

    4. I will check out that sweet action.

    5. I was never in to *that kind of music*.

    6. You are one hot piece of ass.