Small World…

Friday night was a lot of fun. Of course, it was also one of the most fucked up nights of my life…

Disclaimer: This may be a long post

Anne Short asked us (Randall, John, and I) to come out to see a friend’s band. John wasn’t able to make it, but Randy and I oblige, and get to see a very cool band – Chamber 8. Anne introduces us to Gary, Amy, Sommer, and Yazmin (along with some other people whom I have forgotten). Also joining the party: Dave, former guitarist for Phoenix Down; and Dominique, former girlfriend of Dave.

So here’s my story.

Yazmin: She seems to be a nice girl, and attractive to boot. She hangs out with Randy and I for most of the night. Of course, we soon find out that she is really only interested in one thing: persuing her budding career in alcoholism… for free. Yes, Randy and I ended up paying for most of her drinks all night long. Final bar tab (for Randy & I, plus a few for Yazmin): $96 (not including the $10 cover charge).

Sommer: She is the lead singer for Chamber 8. That alone turns me on (I am attracted to women who can actually sing). Add to that that she is extremely cute with a fantastic personality… Yeah, Yarsh likey. Sommer led a few of the mosh pit sessions (consisting of 3-5 people) throughout the night, after she had completed her tour of duty onstage. We hung out and shot the shit for the majority of the night (except when we were watching the other bands or moshing). Randy and I ended up going to Denny’s after the show with Anne, Gary, Amy, and Sommer – a few more details about this later.

Dominique: Small world, part 1. I had this premonition that she would be there. Not that I knew of any reason that she would be, but that she would just show up… And she did. It turns out that one of her favorite bands, Hard 8, was also playing that night. Hard 8 was killer; I liked them alot. But back to Dom… She was snapping pics left and right, which is all good. And was acting like we were all good friends. I was able to play nice the entire night, talking when being talked to, etc. But Randy had to get something off of his chest. Towards the end of the night, He walked right up to her, flipped the bird right into her face, and yelled “FUCK YOU”! Then he walked out. I didn’t know that this had happened, but found out shortly after when someone asked me where Randy was and I didn’t know. I found him chilling at my car where he told me what had happened. There was a lot of anger and hatred released for Randy in that single moment. It was probably one of the most therapeutic things he has done in over a year. And he spoke for all of us – including Dave (I think). Besides that, we had a slew of offers from our entourage of hot girls to beat her up. But we told them not to. It’s better that way. She’s moving to Florida. I’m not going to miss her.

Dave: Small world, part 2. Dominique walks up to me and asks how long I had been planning on being at the show. I ask why, and she says that Dave just showed up. I see him – “DAVE!!!,” as I wave to him and then shake his hand. He’s there to see Sectas, another great band. We shoot the shit for a few minutes. There is definitely tension in the air between Randy & Dominique, Randy & Dave, and Dave & Dominique (there was some tension between me and all parties as well… except for with Randy). Of all the places in Phoenix, and all the people to run into, we run into the 2 people that we would prefer to see the least… Just wow.

At Denny’s: Time to go to Jack in the Box for some grub, but we get invited to hang out at Denny’s with Anne, Gary, Amy (who is Gary’s wife, btw), Sommer, and Yazmin. I say it is up to Randy, who has to work in the morning. He says that we go. We get to Denny’s and eat some drunk food. Yazmin is so drunk that she doesn’t come in (which is good because Randy doesn’t want to see her at the time). We chat some more, and eventually I mention that I saw Jeff, bass player of No Rule Six, at the show. Small World, part 3. As some of you know, Nayt – first lead singer of Phoenix Down – became the singer for NR6.

This night, which happened to have a full moon, was quite a trip. It was fun, theraputic, bizarre, traumatic, and just downright fucked up. And I wouldn’t have expected it to turn out any differently.

PS: Thank you Randall, Anne, Sommer, Gary, Amy, Yazmin, Dom, and Dave, for a night I will surely not forget.

UPDATE: Here is a pic of Randall, Yazmin, and me – provided by Dom.

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5 responses to “Small World…”

  1. Hey you guys are welcome! I agree it was theraputic. Seeing Dave & Rangy with their anger, their inablility to let go, and especially acting immature, made me feel really good about how things have gone. Randy was right, I didn’t know Dave had some hardcore problems that he was helping Dave through…I found out the hard way. Live and learn, I wish the poor guy well. I’m sorry some of you haven’t been able to get past certain issues in their life. You all will feel most theraputic when you learn to let go of all this and move on. I didn’t want to see bad people either that night, but seeing everyone definately made me thankful I’m no longer in a bad relationship and thankful I have the ability to move on and that I can enjoy myself even in the company of those bad people. Move on, show everyone you guys have grown and have class. Why not change and be a better person? I agree Hard Eight kicks ass and it was a blast seeing them and everyone else before I leave. Pick yourselves up and go after getting a band going, be better than before…most importantly Josh, be happy. Life is short. Hell, that’s why I’m taking a better job back east and moving closer to family. BTW: pictures turned out nice, I’ll send them. Good luck with everything!

  2. As i read i am saddened…, no really if you could see the tears. In all of that rant about small worlds I failed to get a mention. Granted I was not one of your best friends, or even a close friend at that. I was indeed at many a Phoenix Down show though. So instead you rant on about how some people pissed off others, and how some chick drained your pockets all night. WHATEVA! yea thats right I said it. Don’t mention the positives… okay I’m done. you guys look like your taking care and that put a smile on my face. Keep on truckin’

  3. Yeah, you’re right Bridgette. I did forget to mention that you were there. Granted, I had only met you maybe 1 time before… My apologies for not mentioning one of the positive guests at the show.

    Hey everybody! Bridgette was there too!!! Small World, part infinity