Saturday Night’s Alright

Saturday night was fantastic.

I was lookin’ particularly money for a spectacular event – the Ben Araiza / Chain Link Faith show! And since I was lookin’ money, I was feelin’ money! It had been a long time since us guys (Rickey, Randy, and I) had really been out on the town, and this was the perfect chance to do it.

The show was awesome! Thank you so much Ben and Mikey (and of course Jimi, Phil, TC, Jeff, Mindy, and Jen)! It’s always great to hang out with Ben and Mikey. I got to drink a lot too – Randy played Designated Driver, while I played Designated Drunk (thanks again Randy for the ride and tab). I finally reached my peak at about 12:30, after Ben and I did a shot of Jagermeister and I started in on yet another beer. I felt the Jager kick in. It is at this point that I decide to take a breather… and drunken text message a couple of people!!!

I text Missy: “I am so wasted right now. You should be too :-)”

Then I text Michelle. #1 of 3. I don’t expect a response – I don’t even expect her to still have that phone number. I was wrong, in the good way! Michelle called back. More drunk than I was, but we talked for 20 mins. She called again 2 hours later to make sure that she had actually talked to me, and called again last night to make sure it wasn’t just a dream.

I am extremely glad to have made contact with her again, as she is very special to me. I am even more happy that she is doing so well for herself, even if it does have to be in Elko, Nevada. I hope to see her again in the near future. It has been too long. VIVA SAMURAI SAMS!

In other exciting news, I borrowed a scanner today to scan some older pictures and get digital copies of them (partly for Michelle). I have posted all scanned images over in the Looney Bin section of All 5 new galleries are entitled “RetroYarsh,” signifying that they are older pics and were taken with a film-based camera (whatever that is).

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