Remedy, Part 1

Music makes me feel good. Writing and playing it, even more so. Although I didn’t play much tonight to make me feel better about my day, I did resort to old faithful – Dream Theater DVD’s.

I popped in Metropolis 2000: Live Scenes from New York. Immediately, I felt soothed. I had nearly forgotten how awesome of a show that was. Granted, the Video production was not that good, but the music totally makes up for it. And for the first time in God knows how long, I shed tears. Just the grandiosity of the track The Spirit Carries On, complete with live female choir and lead female vocalist for the female character’s part. Not much else, besides music, can truly fill me with such raw emotion.

In order to make up for the lack of video quality, I popped in Live at Budokan, which has – without a doubt – the most amazing video footage I have ever seen from a concert. Recorded in HiDef. Unfortunately, the music itself is not played as well as Scenes from New York, but what Live Scenes is to music, Budokan is to video (and then some). Plus, Budokan has 2 of my all-time favorite live songs on it: Hollow Years and Instrumedley (a lengthy collage of Dream Theater Instrumental songs/sections combined into 1 song).

I cannot wait until August 29th, when Score is released. It is yet another Dream Theater concert which took place at Radio City Music Hall earlier this year. They had a full orchestra that played the entire second set with them. Live choirs are one thing. A live orchestra + my favorite band evar? Incredible.

Thank you, Dream Theater, for making my day.

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2 responses to “Remedy, Part 1”

  1. You know me and live stuff. Still, I’ll be interested to see how it turned out. Plus, the orchestra does change things. My favorite metallica song of all time was played with an orchestra…