I’ve got… High Hopes

Not more than 48 hours after the band breaks up, we are going full force in the direction that felt a long time off only 24 hours ago.

You see – we had some ideas about where to look for a new singer and guitar player since we found out about Dave and Jason leaving. And 1 piece just fell into place. Todd, our former guitar player (way before Phoenix Down), has been looking for a band to play in. And we happened to be looking for a guitar player of on-par or better quality than Dave. Being that Todd is more or less a virtuoso on the guitar, he exceeds this requirement.

Todd left the band, back then called Flight, to go to school at UMass in Lowell, Massachusetts back in 1998/1999. By the time he decided to move back out here, we had already formed Phoenix Down with Dave. We welcomed Todd to come and jam with us, which he did once or twice, but nothing else came of that. And yesterday, when we contacted him to see if he was interested in making this band even more awesome, he was ready to come on board. He even went as far as to say that he would go buy a new 7-string guitar so that he could play the PD songs that required it.

Now, Rickey, Randall, and myself are extremely pumped about the prospects of working with Todd again. The sky is not the limit with him involved.

But what about Jason and the search for his replacement? Well, Jason has decided to stay on for a while. He seems really excited that Todd wants to work with us, and he doesn’t want to quickly pass up the opportunity to work with Todd. So Jason will continue to sing for us until we find a replacement for him, although I don’t know if we will be actively searching for a replacement right away – unless he definitely doesn’t want to continue on. And Jason is willing to be at practices, even sing at shows.

There is no more Phoenix Down. But this band is alive and kicking. We will be picking a new name for the band and we will be ready to rock out with our socks on.

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5 responses to “I’ve got… High Hopes”

  1. May I suggest a new name? This is the kewlest name ever. It came to me in a vision while I was working on smoothing out the banister at my old house.

    Are you ready?

    Pneumatic Sander.

  2. why do you need to change tha name? Dave left, does he have copy rights to the name like Axel did with GNR??

  3. Because we were already thinking about changing our name in the first place, and there are at least 6 other bands called Phoenix Down throughout the world. As far as I’m concerned, he’s welcome to use the name if he wants – he can be tied down by its restrictions…