Influx of teh hottness

I found myself outside for my 2-something PM smoke today, talking to an English gentleman who works upstairs. We were bullshitting, when an absolutely gorgeous woman walked into the building. Just unbelievably, amazingly, astonishingly wow. I believe that she was the 8 in this world that made all other 8s look like 2s.

It dawned on me that I have seen some really hot women in, and around, the building this week. A LOT more than usual (there are some hotties working here, like Tiffany and Rachel, but not this many). And it hasn’t been just around the office – they’re everywhere! A cornucopia of hotties. A taste explosion for the eyes. And it’s not just me seeing them either

I can’t help but smile. God bless America.

However, even with this influx, I still only think about 3 women with any regularity.

Michelle, my former employee – who I had been in contact with off and on since I left Sam’s in 2000, still makes it into my head quite frequently. I think about her mostly because of her messed up family situation and her drug habit, praying that she is doing well in Elko, Nevada (she was there the last time I talked to her, 8 months ago, and had kicked the hard stuff).

Courtney, who I still love dearly, jumps into my head because of the good times we shared. I mostly hope she is happy with whatever she has going on in her life. And who knows how the stars may align one day in the future. It’s happened before.

The third will rename nameless for now. You all can make assumptions if you wish, but I can tell you that your guesses will probably not be right. However those who do venture to guess will be rewarded with a Yes or No reply from me. Hint: I have seen this person in the last week or so…

Go ahead, give it a shot. I dare you (I’m a comment whore).


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