I knew I should have posted my weekend report sooner…

I planned on posting a weekend update yesterday, but got caught up creating a flyer for the Phoenix Down show.

And now that I am doing an update about my life, you’ll just have to trust me that I had planned what I am going to say before the **** (cow excrement – thanks Paul Shirley) hit the fan.

My weekend

Started Friday night, with beer at Carlos O’Brien’s, which was followed up with beer, pizza, and ****** (movie title that could be misconstrued as a slang female body part). ***** (a completely unrelated coworker) came over and John and I enjoyed her company.

Saturday: Went to the parents’ for the Suns game [we lost :-(], then to Mark’s new place. Had some beer and Apple something Martinis.

Sunday: Went to Mark’s again for BBQ, and had spiked Strawberry Lemonade (with Grey Goose Vodka), White Russians, Beer, and beer.

Monday: International Alcohol Day at my parents’. Had Irish Car Bombs with outdated Bailey’s. Still yummy. Had hamburgers and hot dogs, and watched the Suns game [we won :-)].

Finally, the reason for my disclaimer at the top of the post (about trusting me). I had already decided that it just wasn’t worth it. As much as I think this person is cool and nice, and that we could have some fun (read: go to a dance recital, drink Pepsi, smoke incense) for a few months, it ultimately would not be worth it. For either party. I ultimately just wanted to be a friend in a strange city, but it appears that has been shot. 

Thank you very much. I appreciate it when I am told that I have violated the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. I just hope that word doesn’t get back to Tom Cruise that I talked trash about him dating Katie Holmes

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