Yesterday marked the end of my tenure with Trax Technologies. I am full of mixed emotions about this. I have been, and will continue to be, restrained in what I say about the company that has given me 2+ years of employment. However, I did want to say a few final things.

To start, my job was outsourced, or ‘offshored’ as they like to say, and therefore it was not my decision to leave. Over the past 6-8 months, company-wide morale has been going down. I could probably count on 1 hand the number of people in the U.S. office who are truely happy with their jobs. With this in mind, I was not upset when I found out that I was being “released.” I actually saw it as a blessing and a great opportunity for growth. And now the time has officially come to move on.

And that’s where the mixed emotions come into play. I now need to find a new job. This actually scares me because I had been stuck in a mostly configuration and support-based role for the last 8 months, and although I do feel that I have a grasp on programming in C# and ASP.NET (with my skills extending into classic ASP, Javascript, VB, CSS, HTML, etc), I tend to doubt my skills when I truely need them. Like in job interviews.

There’s the rub.

I will break out of this funk, I have no doubt of that. And I am hitting C# hard right now, with individual time – in books, contract work, and sample projects – as well as in a group environment with Jeff (who is, and will continue to be, my development mentor). I am confident that my skills are getting back into shape daily.

I’m ready to move up and move on.

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  1. It truly is a blessing in disguise that you were released because you were underappreciated and undervalued. You will find something that will enable you to be great no matter what it is!

    p.s. I will miss our smoke breaks 🙂

  2. Sometimes when I think of employment at Trax, I get sad. Then I get mad, and I start to throw dishes. Then I think about what I did, and I get depressed. Then I smile, because it’s all okay. Then I get mad again because I broke my favorite dish in the whole world, and this causes me to say a swear word, which I repeat exactly seven times. This is the cycle, and it happens week after week.

  3. Best of luck to you. Fortunately the market is actually looking up right now. I still get calls from recruiters from time to time since I put my resume on monster over a year ago. I’m sure you’ll land in a good spot.