A feeling of relief

What an interesting weekend. Not necessarily in the “awesome” sense, but more in the “this could be awesome” sense.

Friday after work, we went to Rock Bottom to say farewell to the Praguenauts. I have pictures that I will post later today or tomorrow.

Saturday, I dropped John off at the office so that he could make his way to the airport for his trip to Prague. I gave a “gag” gift to Andrea for the plane trip – a few pieces of Nicorette. She gave me a kiss, and that was that. Afterwards, I went to Walmart and picked up some TV trays for home, and went to my parents’ house for food and to watch the Cardinals game. We won, making my prediction of a 4-0 preseason still likely. I also played some poker at my parents’ and took 1st place in that tourney. It’s been a long time since I have done that, so it was a huge weight off of my back.

Saturday night, Randall called me with some good news. It seems that our buddy James, from Inprana, may have found a singer for us. We’re awaiting a call from the guy, who is really into Sevendust, and if he can sing as well as Lajon and Morgan it will work out tremendously.

Sunday, I returned the TV trays to Walmart because it was missing some pieces. I then spent an hour or so with Randall at work, where we went online and read some musicians want ads for a guitarist. Now, not to take anything away from Todd, but we think that he was moving in a different direction to what we were. And that combined with him having an infant child, just made things hard to work out. I don’t blame him at all – he has his priorities straight. But we need somebody who will be able to commit to (at most) a few times per week and any gigs we may have, no matter when or where they are at. Enter Steve, who may be just what the doctor ordered.

We found Steve from a want ad, so we emailed him. We sent him some very brief info and told him to check out the songs from our last show and let us know if he was interested. We got a reply from him and he said he was indeed very interested. He listened to what we had to offer and really liked it – that’s not just awesome, it’s Sofa King awesome!

Oh man, I’m excited. We may have a full band in place by the end of the week! Now we need a name (Pneumatic Sander isn’t going to quite work)…

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