What? A blog post?…

I mean, What a blog post!

I wanted to write up an update on the state of Yarsh, but I am not quite ready just yet to reveal all details. So, the post about transportation will have to wait a little bit longer. Instead, I will provide you with some other aspects of my life. Mainly, work.

I (we) have been incredibly busy with work over the past 3-4 weeks. We have a ton of work to do / quote / spec. Almost more than we can handle. Almost. But this is a great problem to have. Keeps the money flowing. And it keeps paying the rent on the new office. Yes, new office.

We moved into our own office space after sharing a large office with a couple of other companies for about 10 months. It just got to a point for us that we needed our own space (and quiet). Absolutely nothing against them; we sincerely appreciate CT and the arrangement that they provided. But the new office is great – especially location-wise. It is extremely easy for Jeff to get to from his other job, and is easy for anyone to get to – no matter where you are coming from (well, maybe a bit difficult from our former office).

So, 2 weekends ago we moved in. It was an experience having to rely on Mark’s cell phone for “High Speed” internet access through the begining of last week (his phone was plugged into my computer via USB and was used to get me at least some connectivity). While I was working on projects, Mark wired up the place with Cat 5 cable, and we prepped for painting. We finally got our real high speed internet access set up on Thursday of last week, and it was great to already have had the wiring done so that just a cable from the wall to the computer was all we needed to get online. On Saturday (and a bit on Friday), we painted all of the walls. It sucked. Took nearly 12 hours to paint a small office. But the outcome was nice (still needs some touch-ups here and there). We chose two silver/grey colors for the walls, which ended up working out really well.

This week has seen more of the same – getting work done (it has been a bit of a struggle, but we are pulling into the finish line of a particular project), hanging shelves and the whiteboard, and getting our vinyl office sign installed on the window of the office suite. I even got a picture of that… (sorry about the quality, camera phone + weird lighting + reflective tinting on window = crappy picture)

Officially Official Office
Click for Bigger

Finally, I leave you with this late V-Day wish: V-Day Sucks. Period. Just ask me on this day last year

Yarsh Out.

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