The game of Tag stops here…

Debs tagged me with one of those “You must fill this out since I called you out” Chain-Letter things. Even though I NEVER (ok, extremely rarely) comply with such dumb requests, I promised to create one in this instance. And since I don’t blog on MySpace, I will do it right here.

The rules: I have to write 10 weird random things, facts, or habits about myself. Then I am supposed to tag someone else to do the same. I refuse to let this continue past me, so I tag nobody. The chain stops here.

Ok, 10 things about me…

  • Of my last 3 girlfriends, 2 are married and 1 is engaged. 2 of them got married to the next guy that came along (at least that is what I believe to be correct), while the third took a few cracks before getting engaged. Moral of the story: If you ladies want to get married, you just gotta date me for 3-6 months. A longer term relationship may result in the same thing.
  • I have a split personality: The ‘Everyday Life Yarsh’, who is a shy, quiet person, who keeps to himself and will not initiate contact with non-friends; and the ‘Rockstar Yarsh’, who sheds all inhibitions and feels great and confident about himself. Unfortunately, Rockstar Yarsh can usually only be seen onstage with the band or after consuming enough alcohol. Or through Email and Instant Messaging.
  • Along with ‘Rockstar Yarsh’ there is this: I have no problem playing (trumpet, piano/keyboards) in front of a group of people. In fact, the more the merrier. The one caveat: I must be in an ensemble setting, such as a band. I can solo with a rock band or jazz band, but if I am playing alone I fail miserably. It was my one major crux in highschool and college bands. I was the lead trumpet player (out of 20) in my senior year of high school, but couldn’t play the audition pieces for the All State band (and did not make it in). Somebody ranked well below me in our school band did make it though. Same for college – when auditioning for rank in the ASU Sun Devil Marching Band, I was so bad that I was ranked below someone from my same high school – who switched from clarinet to trumpet the summer before that fall semester.
  • My Nickname can be sourced from numerous places, but the funniest is a botched pronounciation of the word ‘Cheese’ in a Jack in the Box drive-through (repeating the order back to us: “1 Yumbo Yack with Yarsh…” – at least that’s how we heard it).
  • A lesser-known nickname of mine is The Net Ninja. I have the uncanny ability to find most anything online that any of my friends may be looking for (provided that it actually exists).
  • Although I have a firm grasp of musical composition and how to play the piano, the only musical training I have is from playing the trumpet, which I played regularly from 3rd grade through Sophomore year in college. I have never had a piano lesson in my life and can figure out most songs by “ear” (Complex Dream Theater-esque solos not included – they kick my ass). I figured out my first song (or more specifically first song melody) on the piano when I was 2 years old.
  • My best friends are identical twins. I have a relatively similar build and feature set to them and have on occasion been asked if I was a twin with either one of them (when only being with 1 of them at the time). Also, unlike most adult friends, our friendship goes back to highschool but we originally met in second or third grade.
  • I once shot my sister in the foot with a BB gun. Totally by accident, total stupidity on my behalf. Needless to say, I learned my lesson and have never pointed any type of gun – loaded or unloaded – at another person since.
  • I broke my front tooth by slipping on wet tile in the bathroom. I was dodging a wet article of clothing that was thrown at me by my brother and fell face-first. I still have the original false cap on it and anybody who takes a look can see the break location.
  • I got my ears pierced just over 1 year ago (May 5th, 2006 to be exact). Since then, I have made fun of myself by creating “Mr. Clean” images that depict my shaved head and earrings. Although I have not recently made one, you can still see all of my creations here. Cinco de Mayo has been good to me over the past couple of years 😉

Mostly boring and retarded, I know. But there you have it. The End.

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  1. Although I have only met him a few times, I like “Rockstar Yarsh”. He should come around more often.