The DCtm – Episode 1.01

Jimmy was beginning to hate his newly appointed position. He was definitely the most qualified to fill it, but Jackson’s micro-management was getting in the way. It was begining to piss him off. The SQL server crashes and lack of space issues were just magnifying the pain.

Max Enterprises seemed to specialize in server instability. If it wasn’t the air conditioning going out in the Data Center, it was the roof leaking into a sea of exposed high-voltage wire after a late summer evening storm. And if not that, running out of electronic storage space.

Or database servers crashing due to extreme heat.

But therein lies the problem: Jimmy couldn’t get more servers if he couldn’t get the temperature of the DC down below 70 degrees. And due to the rising heat, regardless of the crisp fall air outside, he couldn’t keep the servers currently residing in the DC from commiting seppuku.

“I’m tired of seeing Peter and Karen in there without any assistance from one of us IT guys,” Jimmy was saying to John. “What’s the point in having RFID badges, preventing access to the Data Center, when we leave the doors wide open?”

John Smirked. “In case you haven’t noticed, the AC is off in there again. In order to prevent – well hopefully prevent – another server meltdown, we need to leave those doors open to increase cool air circulation.”

“Of course I noticed, John. And when Bored comes to the office in 2 weeks to do their security audit, they’ll notice it too.”

“Looks like we better get these servers to the new off-site Data Center. Like, immediately.”

“Heh. You and I both know that this move is going to take a month or more to complete. The question is, when will we be able to convince Shiney of this?”

“I’d say about halfway into the first week of the move,” John fired back immediately.

To be continued…

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  1. I think this series of posts are the nerdiest things I have ever posted. And I don’t expect this series to last much longer than 1 more. But that means that the next installment will be a bit longer.