Tell me what it is I’m meant to do…

Last night was the RA concert. Freaking awesome as usual. I cannot complain about a RA concert because I have seen them 4 times in Phoenix (including their first Phoenix show at The Mason Jar a few years ago) and they are always great live.

If I did have to mention anything, it would be that they did not play very many songs off of the new album. Most notably missing were Superman, I Lost Everything Today, and Tell Me. Especially Superman, which happens to be in my top 10 all time favorite songs (talk about a song that has it all – mellow, yet heavy; great guitars; INCREDIBLE vocals and lyrics). And there was no encore, in which they could have played any of these songs. But C’est la vie.

Opening up for RA was Evolocity, a local band that kicks major ass. I saw them on Friday night too, but Randall hadn’t heard or seen them yet. 2 quotes from Randall about Evolocity “They Rocked my socks off” and “The Best Local Band I have ever heard.” Now, that’s some high praise.

The Second band… Well, we didn’t watch or listen to them. But from what we could hear, they kinda sucked (this was confirmed later by some friends who did watch them). Nothing was going to top the Evolocity-RA combination.

We had a great time. And no sightings of Dave or Dom, which was kinda weird and yet rather pleasant.

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  1. You KNOW…I hate when Randall aka “drummer extraorinininaire” says things like…”rocks my socks off” just ruins my whole Randall is cool mojo…SO someone talk to him about it..thanks…!