teh Funny intartube – 1.1

I have recently seen some funny videos on the web, so I wanted to spread teh funny wealth.

1. Darth Vader being a smartass: OMG! This is just classic. It definitely helps if you have some knowledge of Empire (and the scene this was taken from).

2. Frustrated Mac User: I may have posted this before, but it is extremely teh funny.

3. Pirates 2 crushes Aquaman: Apparently somebody negleted to tell this CNBC reporter that Aquaman was a fictional movie directed by James Cameron and starring Vincent Chase (from the fantastic HBO show Entourage – If you haven’t seen Entourage, go get seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. You will not be disappointed).

4. The Nickel Trick: Probably one of the best billiards shots ever invented.

5. Video Made the Internet Star – Not the funniest thing ever, but extremely creative use of treadmills.

6. Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We’re going down – The misheard lyrics. In video/MSPaint format. The one that started them all (at least for me – thanks to Daniel Almaraz)

7. Nightwish – Wishmaster: The misheard lyrics. Another video along the lines of the Fall Out Boy video above. Fantastically cheesy song.

8. Dream Theater – Only a matter of Tyme: The misheard lyrics. In this case, Thyme is even misspelled. Uses live footage as the video, but the words are good and it is my favorite band…

9. Dream Theater – Innocence Faded: Another DT misheard lyrics. And only pictures for the video, but funny lyrics.

And I’m spent. If you know of any funny videos that you think belong in a post such as this, let me know.

UPDATE: I removed the embeded video from these links because they were causing my site to load… poorly. – Yarsh 08.15.2006

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One response to “teh Funny intartube – 1.1”

  1. So freakin’ funny! Especially the Fallout Boy one. I laughed until my lungs collapsed!