Rest in peace, Chelmo.

Yesterday, my kitty Chelsi passed away over night. Her health had been steadily declining for a couple of years, and her kidneys stopped working all together this week. Although she was a family cat, no one would really argue who she loved the most. So when my mom called me on Friday night to tell me that they had to put her down, I had to go tell my baby that I loved her and say goodbye. The plan was to have her put down in the morning on Saturday, but she passed away on her own sometime in the middle of the night.

Chelsi was one of those cats who, although she lived a long life, never grew out of a kitten-sized body. That was one of the best things about her – everybody loves a kitten, but when they grow big you tend to lose interest. Chelsi never grew up. She did, however, grow kind. For the first half of her life, she was a spunky, firey cat who didn’t really like most people. She settled down though and became a loving friend. She enjoyed sleeping between your legs or on your chest, and was always purring when she woke up.

Thank you Boo Kitty, for being a friend, for being there in good times and bad, for loving me. I will miss you dearly.

Here are some pictures of her just living life.

I also took some pictures of her Friday night when I visited her.

Note: I originally posted this on Saturday night, but had not heard from my parents about the end. I was not aware that she had passed away before they could take her to the vet, so I had to update the story.

2 responses to “Rest in peace, Chelmo.”

  1. Damn I liked that cat. Sorry for your loss. Yes, I know she’s not a human, but still…

    I know how you feel.