I just wanted to get a couple of pics up from the costume party on Friday night, so this won’t really be a full post. I will talk about how The Dude, Walter, and The Karate Kid got hosed in the prize competition and will put more pics up as soon as I get them. Enjoy!

Marge and Baby Maggie (Abbi and Maddi)

The Karate Kid as a Shower (Jeff)

The Dude and Walter (Yarsh and John)

Photoshop of The Jesus just for good measure 🙂

Thanks to Mark for The Big Lebowski photoshop of John and I. I had to pull my photoshop of The Jesus out of the woodwork for this occasion – mostly because of the theme that John and I did, but also because it is teh bestest photoshop evar!


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  1. Oh c’mon Mark… You can post it there too. I only posted it because that is the only pic I have of John and I (thus far). And it totally kicks ass.