Internet Goodies…

My brother, in the past, has written about the wonders of YouTube. You can find some great videos (and some terrible ones) on there, all for free viewing. Recently, I found that you can integrate their videos into your own personal website. The only “quirky” behavior that these videos have is dependent on where you click. If you click on the big Play button in the middle of the screen, or on the small Play button in the bottom-left timeline, it will play the movie directly from this page. However, if you click elsewhere in the video screen, it redirects the browser to that particular YouTube page (new window in IE, or new tab in Firefox). But hey, it’s still sweet that you can do this. Mad props* to YouTube.

Anyways, I thought I would pass along one of my recent favorites: BrokebackTo The Future.

*(of course, it breaks my HTML 4.01 compliance…)

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