I’m On Call…

What to do… What to do… The next couple of weeks will be interesting.

First off, Jott just took off to Costa Rica for business for the next 2 days, leaving Abbi here (and due to burst any time). Not to mention that Chris is off to Alaska tomorrow morning, and my parents are in Vegas for my cousin’s wedding (not a typical Vegas wedding – she actually lives there so is having a normal church wedding).

What does this mean? Well, if Abbi has any issues in the next 2 days, she calls me. I have to house-sit for my parents for the next 2 weeks because both of them are gone, and so is my brother. Them doggies and kitties need some eat’uns (and the medicine that 2 of them are on).

But the real question is… where do I take the ladies after the show? My place, or the empty parents’ house?


5 responses to “I’m On Call…”

  1. Hay you forgot to link Jeff’s blog! Oh wait, he doesn’t have one because he’s too lazy to type.

    I’m sure I can find other idiot savants who have blogs…

  2. Also, I would take the ladies back to your house. It’s kinda stupid to say “Hey baby. Wanna go back to my parents house?”