If you wanna shave your head, you must Bic-it…

I actually Mach3’d-it (Bic-it is just a general term, like Kleenex). Feels a bit weird, but not too bad at all. If I wanna keep it this way, I should probably invest in an electric razor

4 responses to “If you wanna shave your head, you must Bic-it…”

  1. You went from teddy bear to death boy. 😉

    I use to shave my head now and then when I got board. But since my new IT manager is a very black guy.. and I’m already kind looked at as a ‘freak’ since I always wear black…

    I’ve decided not to shave my head… for he might call me a skin head.

    Mach III rocks. Get the vibrating one.. makes the blades last 3 times longer. Then again, it might be to the fact that I don’t use shaving cream.