Back on the block

Well, I’m back from vacation. Actually, I have been back for 5 days now. And considering that I didn’t go anywhere on my vacation, I really can’t technically be back at all. It’s just been a long time since I blogged and figured it was time to update the 5 of you (I have more readers than my brother).

So, last week I had my first vacation since January. I pretty much did nothing of consequence, unless you consider yardwork-induced sunburn as something of consequence. Other than yardwork, I: slept in, watched some movies and TV (If you haven’t seen House yet, go pick up the Season 1 DVDs now!), played poker online, and ultimately did not go to work (which was the point in the first place). And the week ended too quickly.

This week has actually been all right, if you don’t count Tuesday. I got a tech support phone call at 4:30am that day, and when all was said and done, I couldn’t get back to sleep. Ended up coming in to the office at 6:40, and that’s just too early. Other than that, Jeff is really pushing a compensation review for me right now. And if I get what he expects me to, then I will stick around this place for a while. Of course, if I don’t get close to the money I deserve, I’m outta here. Should find out early next week.

Got some work done in the studio with the guys this week. I’m hoping that by the end of the year we are able to get a show together.

I’m looking forward to the festivities that are Saturday tomorrow. First, we have college football: #1 USC at #15 ASU (Fork ‘Em, Devils!). Then we have Jones-Tarver 3. I hope this fight is awesome – it needs to justify the $50 for Pay Per View.

I’m also looking forward to my brother’s wedding. Not only will it be a fun time, but it will put me 1 step closer to Jerry Jester status. I rule.

Is it really friggin’ awesome that I now know a girl (in a purely online way) who uses ‘teh cool’ in sentences? Yes it is. SWSAS, you are teh r0x0rz.

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4 responses to “Back on the block”

  1. Let me be the first to say that I doubt they can pay you the kind of money needed to put up with the BS that spews from the fan there…

  2. Well they should have some salary room to manuver in…

    And I have to say that I hope USC drops 63 on ASU, but I’m kind of a jerk when it comes to that kind of thing.

  3. lol, yayz0rz! Does she photoshop Rocky Dennis’ head onto pictures of your friends too? That would make her teh even cooler.

    Thanks for your commenting on my latest blog entry. It was such a sucktacular thing, and I can’t get it off my mind. But I appreciate the nice things you said. It helps. 🙂