Aaaahhhh… Weekend

Friday night, we had a farewell happy hour gathering for a recently former-ed coworker. It was a nice turnout all together, and we managed to drink and shoot the shizzy for the better part of 6 hours. I was pleasantly surprised that the man of honor came out and actually stayed for the duration of the time that we were there. Heck, we may have been there even longer if it wasn’t for a certain buzz-kill. Missy and I continued to drink over at my place, where we (and John) watched Wedding Crashers and I fell asleep towards the end. I did have a few beers in me, so I was not surprised when I dosed off. I think Missy laughed at my snoring, which woke me up. I got re-energized with a quick smoke break and then we watched the rest of the movie and Missy then went home.

Saturday, I spent 75% of my day playing, and beating, God of War. It’s an excellent game and recommended to anyone who likes the hack-n-slash types of games. Other than that, I watched the Broncos defeat the Patriots. And that was just the beginning of the football letdowns of the weekend.

The Colts were defeated by the Steelers on Sunday. It wasn’t much of a game until the 4th quarter, but Peyton made it one. unbelievable ending to the game, too. From The Colts being stopped on 4th down, to Jerome Bettis fumbling the ball on the next play (giving the ball back to Indy), to Vanderjagt missing a field goal to tie the game… damn. And then there were the Bears losing to the Panthers. It turned out to be a much better game than I had anticipated, but in the end it came down to 2 things: Rex Grossman’s inability to perform consistently over 4 quarters, and Steve Smith – his ability to absolutely torch the Bears’ number 1-ranked defense. Looks like we may have a Seattle-Denver (Pittsburg still has a decent shot too) SuperBowl Extra Large.

Finally filling out my weekend was a 2-hour season premier of 24, one of my favorite TV shows. Bastards had to take away 2 of my favorite characters too. I mean, WTF? I will definitely be watching this show religiously, along with the others: House and Family Guy (Sopranos and Entourage aren’t back on yet)…

Now if I could only escape those hypnotically magical eyes… 😉


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