A new toy 🙂

Today, I went to Guitar Center with Randall. There were things there that we each wanted, and we both left with those things in our hands.

For Randall, a new guitar. He has been itching to start laying down some ideas with a guitar, and now he has that ability. He purchased an awesome Ernie Ball Music Man Sub1 for an incredible price (which I am not to divulge here due to super amazing discounts).

I, on the other hand, did not get away with the incredible savings that he did. I spent my birthday money and a little more on something I have been wanting (albiet in a different form than I was expecting). I picked up an Alesis MultiMix 16 FireWire – a mixer that plugs into my computer (and laptop) via FireWire. I was looking for a way to record my keys (and other stuff) on my computer and laptop, so I needed something that would connect via USB or FireWire. It also had to be a somewhat small piece of hardware so that I could take it with me if need be. Originally I was looking at things like the MBox2 or the Yamaha MW12, but neither of these served my ultimate purposes (both connect via USB, the Yamaha with USB1.1 – I really wanted this one due to the price and package, but it would only allow me to record 1 track at a time).

This mixer is everything that I wanted and more than I needed. The biggest benefit to getting this though is the ability to record 16 channels into the music recording software at 1 time (Steinberg Cubase). So, even though I have no need for that capacity right now, I will need it once we start tracking some new songs.

Anyways, I played around with it a bit tonight and I like it so far. I had written a little song outro that I wanted Randall to hear, but it was trapped on my keyboard. I set up Cubase to work properly with the mixer, and went to town. Consider it recorded, and here for all to… hear.

Download Yarsh’s Song Outro Idea (right-click, save target as…, please)

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