What’s next?

It’s been one hell of a week. First there was Valentine’s Day. Then a shitty job interview. Now this…

I had some squealing coming from the brakes on my car. I knew the problem – the squealing was due to the metal clamp on a brake pad rubbing against the rotor on the rear-driver-side of my car. Not wanting to do the job myself, and wanting to get the rotors machined and all, I took my car into Just Brakes. It’s $99.88 in most cases. I did not conveniently fall into that “most cases” category. Turns out that nearly everything in my brake system had to be replaced.

So, 3 hours later, I get my car back with new pads, rotors, calipers, hardware, etc. And $759 gets removed from my bank account.

I don’t mind the fact that all of this had to be done. I have no interest in dying in a horrific car wreck due to not being able to stop my car from colliding into another car, or wall, or pedestrian. I just wish it would have happened at a time when I wasn’t almost out of work and trying to conserve some funds for what may be a very tough month ahead.

Thanks Murphy!