Under Pressure

If it wasn’t evident by John’s comments on the subject, things do not seem to look well for this formerly finely-crafted boat. There are 2 major players leaving in the next week – one of whom is done with his tour of duty after tomorrow’s business day. Now I’m not saying that, with them leaving, my job will be impossible, but I am saying that it will be much more difficult. And I am not paid well enough to remove water from the cabin, one bucket at a time.

But am I confident enough in my skills that I can securely test the job market? I guess the answer has to be yes. I don’t have the time, patience, or money to be waiting around for the welders to show up and repair the hole in the boat.

I will reassemble my resumé tonight (since I cannot find a copy of it anywhere) and pass it along to the 3 prospects that have already either taken an interest in me, or have had me take an interest in them. And perhaps I will regain my beloved Black Pearl. Or my beloved Miss Swann (as the case may be)…

I do know one thing for sure – I am going on vacation not next week, but the one following. I haven’t been on vacation since January and I have become very weary (“ooh – she has a weary”) and just need a break from the office. Perhaps the next 2 weeks will allow me some clarity in the decisions I have to be ready to make at the tip of an iceberg.

Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you? 

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