Season finale for 24

I admit it – I am an avid fan of 24. And TiVo.

Today, my plans got changed because we decided to have band rehearsal tonight instead of our normal Friday nights. The season finale of 24 was tonight. No worries – we have TiVo! I came home from work and double checked that it was set to record, which it was. Then I headed off to practice.

I got home about an hour ago, and cooked up some hot dogs for dinner. Then went to plunge into 24. Only problem is that it only recorded the first 5 minutes of the show. WTF???

I am so upset right now. All I wanted to do was sit down in front of the TV and watch my show! But no, TiVo had better things to record – like spanish RoboCop.

Anyways, I called up my brother and asked if he had watched it, and he said he was currently watching it, but that I could come over and watch it when he was done. So nevermind that it is already 10PM – I’m going to my parents’ house to watch my freaking show.

3 responses to “Season finale for 24”

  1. I looked for it, but it wasn’t available yet. And once it was available, who knows how long it would have taken to download…

    It’s all good – I went over and watched it at my parents. Was home by 12:15am

    The verdict: Good finale. And now the wait for season 5 begins (won’t start until January)