Remedy, Part 2: Resolution

In Remedy Part 1, we find that music makes a Yarsh better when things go wrong. It turns out that a “fixed1” Yarshmobile makes a Yarsh better too.

Friday, I received word that the car was fixed, and I went down to the shop with Randall. We hung out with Bob for a while and worked on getting Randall’s car running with its new engine. Bob had warned me that I was probably gonna need to get the clutch plate replaced very soon (in order to get the car back on the road, cluch master and slave cylinders were replaced). I took off after an hour and a half or so, and realized what he meant – I had to put the clutch pedal completely to the floor just to get into gear, and lifting off a quarter of an inch meant that the clutch was engaged. That’s all the play I now had. Not fun to drive.

I made my way home, and called Randall to let him know that it wasn’t right, and he suggested that I bring it back in on Saturday morning, since they would be in the shop making the finishing touches to his car. I drove extremely carefully to my parents’ house for dinner, and back to my house after I cleaned the collective clocks of the Smith family in Hold ‘Em (of course no money was involved, lest I would have failed miserably in conquering said family).

Saturday morning, I contacted Randall and he told me to meet them at the shop. I gingerly headed across town to see if we could take care of it. It didn’t help that I was a bit rushed because of Maddi‘s first birthday party. I got down there while Randall was at the parts place picking up the necessary parts for his car, so Bob immediately pulled my car into the bay and we took a look. The general consensus between myself, my dad, Randall, and Bob, was that there must be air in the clutch’s hydraulic system.

We bled the system a few times, and sure enough the Yarshmobile responded. The pedal was fully functioning once again. Better than ever. I took the car around the block with no issues, and was happy. I thanked Bob for helping me out, and offered him a pack of smokes for his help. He took me up on the offer – because hey, free smokes – and I zoomed out of there to the party. And I was only a few minutes late.

Thanks to the Yarshmobile, and it’s brilliant technician2

1: The term “fixed” is relative. Sure, the Yarshmobile still has some issues *coughsmokingenginecough*, but at least I can drive it again.
2: Bob was not the one who originally did the work, so he is still brilliant in my book

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