One point Twenty-One JigaWatts!

Mark spent this past weekend in California, where he visited Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. A couple of his pictures got me thinking about the classic blunder of Doc Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy, where he refers to the amount of electricity needed to power the DeLorean for time travel – 1.21 Jigawatts.

In an astounding revolution (for us techie types), I have discovered that the prefix Giga- can be pronounced either jiga or giga. Either pronounciation is perfectly valid. In fact, Mirriam-Webster’s dictionary shows the pronounciation jiga as the preferred option. The web is full of even more proof of this concept.

Apparently, we just weren’t thinking 4th-dimensionally.

On a different note, here is another picture of Randall and I with Anne at the concert last friday night. Once I have some more photos, I will put them into the Looney Bin archive for all to see. (thanks to Anne for this pic)