Kevin Smith’s “Me and My Shadow” – UPDATED

I was really hoping to hold off my post about this until the story is completed (in the online blog format), but some other sites have gotten a hold of the story and are starting to link to it. For that reason, I am going to link to it now as well.

I read Kevin Smith’s blog regularly, mostly because of his awesome sense of humor and his extreme candor when it comes to everything in his life (Sex, Movies, et cetera). A couple of weeks ago, he mentioned that a few of the things he had said, in a Q&A session at a college, had become tabloid fodder. It had to do with Jason Mewes, or “Jay” of the famous “Jay & Silent Bob”, and his battle with heroin. But the only thing that spread from that story was a short blurb about how Mewes had sex with Nicole Richie.

This pretty much angered Smith, mostly because of stories being taken out of context. So he did what anybody in his position would do – he began writing the actual story of Jason Mewes, how he came to be friends with him, and how heroin is… bad. He has written 8 parts of the story he callse “Me and My Shadow” thus far, and the story is extremely riveting – I find myself checking to see if the next chapter has been published several times a day.

If anybody has any interest in… anything Kevin Smith related, this story is a must not miss. Keep in mind that you may end up wasting an hour or 2 in reading because it is getting quite long, but is SO worth it. I will update this post whenever a new part is released.

Kevin Smith’s Me and My Shadow
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   Part 6
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   Part 9 – Conclusion (Update)