I want my life back, Myspace!

It started out innocently enough – I was really just looking at the musician classifieds, searching for somebody who may be a good vocalist for the band. Ultimately, I did not find anybody who would be a correct fit. But I found a few guys who listed a particular band as an influence.

Abigail Williams.

Huh? I had no idea that my sister was into death metal so much that she let a band name themselves after her. These guys are decent, but definitely not my taste. Too much growl vocals, and no clean vocals (so the “singer” doesn’t really have any talent). And they’re from the Metro Phoenix area. Just too weird.

I continued my Myspace “research” and found some more peeps that I know. Is there anybody that doesn’t have a Myspace account (rhetorical question)?

Ahh, Myspace… I hate you. Your uptime is some of the worst in the industry. You crashed my browser 3 times last night. You sucked away 3 hours of my life. Bastard!

PS – My friend Nate, with whom I communicate through myspace, is going to play around with some ideas for music-related drawings. For me 🙂 Here is a sample of his latest drawing – he is mucho talented!

Holy Awesome, Batman

For those interested, I am here and here on Myspace.
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3 responses to “I want my life back, Myspace!”

  1. Dood, you rock! Thanks for posting my picture (froggy as it is). I appreciate the support. I will work on your picture in the near future.