Heartbreak, The Ring Dance, and Front Page News

Sports weekend, mostly sucky on my behalf.

Fortunately, USC did not light up ASU for 63 points (Haha Scott). Unfortunately, ASU (read, Sam Keller) gave USC the game in the second half. It was 21-3 going into Halftime, with the final score being 38-28. Freakin’ Grrrr! Sammy, 5 interceptions? I know that 2 weren’t your fault, but seriously. You can’t win a game playing as poorly as you did in the 2nd half.

Roy Jones Jr. beat on Antonio Tarver. Well, at least he did between taking left jabs from, and dancing/mocking, Tarver. But in the end, Tarver was the winner. Tarver was solid for 10 rounds, whereas Jones was decent for 2. The general consensus is that if Jones had actually decided to punch Tarver more than 5 times per round, he would have won. The more Jones landed, the weaker Tarver got. Only problem was that Jones played the dancing game – he danced and moved more than he threw punches. He didn’t take any chances. I’m sorry, but how do you expect to win with that attitude? Just because you are one of the greatest fighters in history, you think that the judges will automatically give you points? There’s a lesson to be learned in there, which Randall has already delved into. A quick synopsis: The only way to win (in life, love, music, etc) is to take some chances. No guts, no glory.

The Arizona Cardinals are such an infuriating team. Last year, I was in Vegas when they played the 49ers (the first time). I put my $20 down on them to win. And they killed the Niners – right up until the 4th quarter when they quit playing and let San Fran tie the game, send it to overtime, and eventually win it. Fuckers. Anyways, last night was one of those rare times where the Cardinals were “at home”, actually got on national TV (ESPN), and it was not blacked-out. Played locally – in Mexico City. Yes, Mexico. The NFL had to ship the Cardinals down to Mexico to sell out a game. And at 105,000 in attendance, the record was set for largest crowd ever at an NFL game. Of course most of the fans were there for the 49ers.

After 1 quarter, the score was 14-0, Niners. And the 14 came via 2 Cardinal fumbles returned for touchdowns. I was ready to turn it off. But then something weird happend – we started scoring. And, even though we couldn’t find the end zone much (6 field goals, 2 touchdowns), we kept scoring. Final Score 31-14. And the front page of the AZ Republic shows the Cards game info (specifically that it was in Mexico City). Mexico City or not, a Cardinals win is frontpage news.

Why couldn’t they beat the Niners last year? I want my $20 back.

3 responses to “Heartbreak, The Ring Dance, and Front Page News”

  1. Well, since my team has already given up this year, I only get satisfaction from ASU underachieving :).

    And never, ever bet on the Cardinals. It’ll only come back to bite you. I read an article on si comparing them to the Clippers one time, and it’s really apt. They have the amazing ability to achieve new middles of mediocrity, but teasing us every 10 years or so with a playoff appearance.

  2. Scott underachieving would be starting the year ranked 3rd and going 6-6. Not possible you say? Nope, The University of Arizona pulled off this feat off in 1999. You may remember that year being a student there and all. Losing to the greatest college football team ever and a top 5 team is not underachieving. Go Devils! I guarantee you ASU dominates UoA this year.