Farewell, Andre

I never thought I would get so emotional about a tennis player’s retirement. But I grew up watching Andre Agassi – he was definitely my favorite tennis player. I don’t really watch tennis anymore, but I made it a point to get up this morning and watch what could potentially be the final match of Andre’s 20 year career.

And it was the last time that we will ever see Agassi play a professional singles match again.

As the tears poured from Andre’s eyes while saying goodbye to the crowd, the tears began to pour from mine. It is the end of an era.

Goodbye, Andre. Thank you for 20 magical tennis years.

Goodbye, Andre

PS: I will miss “C’mon, Andre!” the most. (right, Chris?)

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2 responses to “Farewell, Andre”

  1. rgr that yarshiscle. André pwnd the tennis world. he will be missed. i had some strange liquid substance appear in my ocular cavities too. weird.