A day at the races

On Saturday, Randall, Mark, Ryan and I spent the day at Phoenix International Raceway. It was our annual trek to the GT races, and Mark’s first time joining us. Unfortunately for Mark, he had another engagement to be at, so he had to leave at 4, which was at the start of the 2nd of 3 races (the main event coming at 7pm). But at least he got to see the Daytona Prototypes running practice laps before race 2 started. It’s still not quite as awesome as being there at night, watching the brake lights flick on and flames spurt from the cars’ exhaust.

We had fun most of the day, with the exception of the ungodly 103 degree temperature that we spent nearly 6 hours in. But once the sun set, it was a beautiful night for racing. I got some nice shots throughout the day, which I have conveniently posted in the Looney Bin section of the site. Here’s a little taste…

Click here for some 70+ more pics. I’ll have some more pics that Mark took in the next few days to add to the Looney Bin archive.

Finally, I have a couple of videos that I took with my digital camera. They’re without sound, which sucks, but they look allright. Enjoy 🙂

Race restarting after a caution

Turns 3 and 4… at night!

2 responses to “A day at the races”

  1. I watched the ST class and the DP and GT class races on TV yesterday.

    They were pretty sweet. I would have liked to have stayed.