Josh’s Gift Wishlist!

Don’t know what to get for me?…

Well, neither do I! Every year I try to come up with gift ideas for myself that aren’t expensive, and I’m just at a loss. So here are some random ideas:

  • Experiences – Classes, Sporting Events, Converts
  • Be creative! Make a craft or frame a photo…
  • Gift Cards to specific stores, like Home Depot or Lego Store or Guitar Center or a Gun shop, that I will need to be considerate about before spending (unlike Amazon where you can get anything and nothing)
  • Maker things – electronics, Lego, woodworking projects
  • Books – I’m going to try to be better about reading books this coming year (I like espionage for fiction, or Biblical content)
  • $1,000,000


Devin Booker Jersey

Prefer Purple then White then Black



Smart Watch


LTT Backpack

For carrying 8000 electronics at the same time…



Audio Mixer

Audio Mixer for my office



Backup camera for Truck

Backup camera kit for the truck. (Requires new radio as well, since there needs to be a screen to connect it to…)


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