Hi All… Again!

This website (blog.yarsh.com, yarsh.com, or some variation thereof) has been “down” for quite some time. It was time to get it up and running once again, if for no other reason than for historical purposes. As you can see, the domain has been changed to retro.yarsh.com, as I fully expect this website to remain dormant for now and into the future.

Thank you to Mark MacLeod for the years of free hosting.

With that being said, I am considering starting something else back up, which I will post on the main yarsh.com domain. I’m just not sure what yet. I mean, I have joshsmithdev.com that I never finished, and joshandtory.com hasn’t been updated since before Elena was born (I’m married with a kid now, btw).

Enjoy a walk down memory lane with all of these funnies, seriousies, and randomsies.

-Josh, er, Yarsh