Selection Fixation

I have this weird habit while at my computer. When I am thinking about a solution, or just contemplating life, I have a tendency to click and drag my mouse pointer around the desktop – specifically highlighting only the wallpaper and none of my links or icons. Sometimes, you can get the little dotted-line box to stick – usually when the processor is choking on something or the memory is full. Fun times.

Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night – it was good. Depp portrays a deeply disturbed Wonka, as opposed to the temperamental Gene Wilder version. He’s much more bizarre and weird, but in a good way (at least for the adults). The soundtrack is entertaining, especially the Oompa Loompa songs (which I was pleasantly surprised by). And Wonka’s Welcome Song.

Willy Wonka… Willy Wonka…

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