Hi All… Again!

This website (blog.yarsh.com, yarsh.com, or some variation thereof) has been “down” for quite some time. It was time to get it up and running once again, if for no other reason than for historical purposes. As you can see, the domain has been changed to retro.yarsh.com, as I fully expect this website to remain dormant for now and into the future.

Thank you to Mark MacLeod for the years of free hosting.

With that being said, I am considering starting something else back up, which I will post on the main yarsh.com domain. I’m just not sure what yet. I mean, I have joshsmithdev.com that I never finished, and joshandtory.com hasn’t been updated since before Elena was born (I’m married with a kid now, btw).

Enjoy a walk down memory lane with all of these funnies, seriousies, and randomsies.

-Josh, er, Yarsh

Hi all…

It’s been a LOOOOOoooong time since I have posted anything. And I am not going to be posting anything significant here just yet…

This is just a note to say that I am planning a site redesign. I have gotten rid of my content at yarsh.com and this blog will be the new home of yarsh.com (retro.yarsh.com will continue to point to this location). Once I have the redesign complete, I will begin at least attempting to post semi-regularly. I will also host some of the old content here, specifically IOTD (funny images around the interwebs) and Looney Bin (personal pictures).

Stay tuned, and thanks to the 3 or 4 of you who just happen to still be subscribed to my RSS feed. It will be worth it.



DateTime currentDate = DateTime.Now;
DateTime birthday08 = DateTime.Parse("03/07/2008");
if (currentDate == birthday08) {
       yarsh.Age = 29;

(Loading and saving of the yarsh object removed for purposes of brevity)

Why didn’t I think of that?

This morning I was right on time for work. But then I realized I had to get gas. So I stopped for gas. Then I was back on my way… and remembered that I forgot to take my Lactose meds. So I drove back home and grabbed my meds. Then I was finally off to work. At the main enterance to Desert Ridge (thanks for the map link, j0tt), I saw the coolest (to me) license plate ever…

DreamTheater License Plate

DRMTH8R – Dream Theater!

Damn, why didn’t I think of that??? Oh right – because I already had YARSH.

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Congratulations, PFC Handorf!

Just wanted to post so I could congratulate my best friend Randall for graduating from Army Basic Training.

Randall in Dress

Seriously, I am so proud of him for doing this. Joining the Army (National Guard) is something that I don’t think I could pull off.

Again, Congrats!

UPDATE: I have received a couple of additional pictures and thought I would share.

PFC Randall Handorf
Randall, Rickey, and Mom
Randall and Dad

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Adding of the more cluttering for make benefit glorious blog of Yarsh…

Been pretty busy round these parts as of late. But one thing remains constant in my day to day life… Reading blog posts. When I need a break, I take a look at what other people are writing, whether it be celebrity news, technology news, gaming, coding, cartoons, or personal blogs. With Google Reader, Google gave bloggers around the world the ability to share their personal favorite blog posts with others publicly. Now they have a new(er) script that you can place into your personal website that will share your most recently shared items with those people who read your blog.

So now, whenever I see a post that I enjoy or think others will like, I will share it with you all. You can read these posts by clicking on the links over there on the left-side of the page under Yarsh is Reading…

I do want to thank Mark for pointing this awesome feature out. Of course, he probably subscribes to 95% of the same blogs that read (and another 100% more blogs than I even read), so this feature will not be used by him. But for you other 4… actually, none of you will care. But I think it’s cool so sue me tough cookies! I’m keeping it!

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I’s a blarging!!!111Eleventybillion

Finally, a post! It’s been one crazy month since I posted anything, and since I really have some stuff to write, here I am. I will try to make this as short as possible, but you and I both know that I can get wordy when writing my thoughts out…

Business as Usual: Work has been very good and very hectic at times as well. We have a large project that we are working on, and we hired on our first full-time employee. We’re finally seeing some progress in our current project, and after struggling to meet our first deadline, we are currently ahead of our next one. Plus, we have some new work trickling in and it looks very exciting. Things are good at The Dot.

In the Navy Army: Last week, I said good bye and good luck to one of my closest life-long friends, Randall, who joined the Army National Guard late last year. He just set out on a 6+ month journey which includes Army basic training and Advanced Individual Training. It’s been less than one week since he left, and I think we are all feeling it… of course, no one as much as his identical twin brother, Rickey. I will do the best that I can over the next several months to be a surrogate twin. Hey, there have been points in the past where people believed that Rickey and I were twins; I just don’t think I can read his mind… yet…

Here is the flyer that I created for the going away party that we threw for Randall – I think it is dope, so I wanted to share it with the rest of you who may not have seen it yet (Extra special thanks to Mark and Jamey MacLeod for hosting the party):

lolcats are teh awesome: Oh yes, lolcats! Those funny, no – hysterically brilliantly amazingly funny (for the most part), kitty images with the 13-year old’s internet grammar explaning the pics are the funniest thing on the internet that I have seen in a long time. I get a kick out of 90% of the images, so you should too… Here’s a little sample:

Image found on I Can Has Cheezburger?

Check these out for some super duper laughs:
    I Can Has Cheezburger?
    Meme Cats

Cinco de Drinko: Phil and Debs had a party on Saturday, which was loads of fun. Lots o’ beer and food stuff. De la Hoya – Mayweather fight. Ben Araiza in town. Mikey and the Dumb One. Lots of people hanging around. Drunken Karaoke + Drunken Guitar Circle = not good. But 90% was great. Had a blast. Thanks Philly and the Debs.

And hello to Anne (no, not Anne “I married ‘the guy who wrote the song Slither, but Slash stole it from me'”, but rather Anne “Yarsh has an incredibly large horde of Diet Dr. Pepper and I want him… to move so I can have some”)

Post Compleet – kthxbai!

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Random Thoughts and Another Year…

Once again, it has been a while since an update. Still not ready to post about vehicles that I may or may not have… Instead, I bring you random thoughts that have occurred to me over the past few days, and perhaps a few other tidbits as well.

* I watched Stranger Than Fiction last night, and thought it was great. I had heard that the movie wasn’t anything like people generally expected (expecially with Will Ferrell as the lead), so I went into watching it without any preconceived notions about the storyline or genre. And it was excellent. I was actually inspired by this movie; inspiration is definitely something that I have been lacking over the past several months. Highly recommended. PS – I heart Maggie Gyllenhaal.

* Also worth seeing: The Departed. Not worth seeing: Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

* The new CD office is sweet. Work is busy. But at least it doesn’t get in the way of my social life (Read: None).

* I had heard Korn‘s Freak on a Leash from their eMpTV Unplugged concert on the radio a couple of times. The song features Amy Lee from Evanescence and is quite a departure from what you would expect out of Korn. But it was interesting enough that when TiVo recorded the concert (commercial free), I had to watch it. It was not bad at all. Jonathan Davis surprised me with his very decent vocals, but the best part was most definitely the orchestrations of their tunes. Not only did they have a plethora of wonderful and bizarre instruments, they had some very cool orchestrations and chord structure modifications that were worth seeing/hearing at least once (even for the casual Korn fan or general music lover).

* You know what really Grinds my Gears? American Idol. Whys they gotta have 20 AI shows a week and push new House episodes back week in and week out? I already had to go through 3 weeks without a new House episode, then one finally airs last night, only to have the next episode be shown in 3 more weeks. Lame. Speaking of poor network programming: no new Smallville for 1 month (from Feb 15th to March 15th), no new Heroes for nearly 2 months (March 5th – April 23rd… WTF), and no new Studio 60… ever? You gotta go and cancel a show that I enjoy after half a season? NBC >= Jerks. At least I still have 24, Rome, Monk and Psych (oh wait, Monk and Psych are done until this summer – grrrrr)… Entourage and The Sopranos in April (8th to be exact). Hold on… wait a sec… NEW ENTOURAGE AND SOPRANOS ON APRIL 8TH???!!!111ELEVENTYONE (whoops – capslock got stuck)

* I upgraded my blog software to version 2.1.2, so it may or may not solve some of the issues that I was having with this site. Particularly with not being able to get to the comments (or even being able to comment at all). Hopefully this upgrade will fix it. If not… I’ll take it up with my hosting provider… 😉

* Exactly one year ago today, I wrote this post… So yeah. Go me.

That’s all for now. I’ll try harder to fulfill the 2 faithful readers with more content in the VERY near future. Perhaps some pictures even…

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What? A blog post?…

I mean, What a blog post!

I wanted to write up an update on the state of Yarsh, but I am not quite ready just yet to reveal all details. So, the post about transportation will have to wait a little bit longer. Instead, I will provide you with some other aspects of my life. Mainly, work.

I (we) have been incredibly busy with work over the past 3-4 weeks. We have a ton of work to do / quote / spec. Almost more than we can handle. Almost. But this is a great problem to have. Keeps the money flowing. And it keeps paying the rent on the new office. Yes, new office.

We moved into our own office space after sharing a large office with a couple of other companies for about 10 months. It just got to a point for us that we needed our own space (and quiet). Absolutely nothing against them; we sincerely appreciate CT and the arrangement that they provided. But the new office is great – especially location-wise. It is extremely easy for Jeff to get to from his other job, and is easy for anyone to get to – no matter where you are coming from (well, maybe a bit difficult from our former office).

So, 2 weekends ago we moved in. It was an experience having to rely on Mark’s cell phone for “High Speed” internet access through the begining of last week (his phone was plugged into my computer via USB and was used to get me at least some connectivity). While I was working on projects, Mark wired up the place with Cat 5 cable, and we prepped for painting. We finally got our real high speed internet access set up on Thursday of last week, and it was great to already have had the wiring done so that just a cable from the wall to the computer was all we needed to get online. On Saturday (and a bit on Friday), we painted all of the walls. It sucked. Took nearly 12 hours to paint a small office. But the outcome was nice (still needs some touch-ups here and there). We chose two silver/grey colors for the walls, which ended up working out really well.

This week has seen more of the same – getting work done (it has been a bit of a struggle, but we are pulling into the finish line of a particular project), hanging shelves and the whiteboard, and getting our vinyl office sign installed on the window of the office suite. I even got a picture of that… (sorry about the quality, camera phone + weird lighting + reflective tinting on window = crappy picture)

Officially Official Office
Click for Bigger

Finally, I leave you with this late V-Day wish: V-Day Sucks. Period. Just ask me on this day last year

Yarsh Out.

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