Look! A White Elephant!!!

Sorry I have been away for so long. Lots of stuff going on – some good, some not good – but I finally had some stuff that I really wanted to get onto my blog, and this is a quick and silly one.

So, the company had a Christmas party this year and we were going to do a White Elephant gift exchange. So, I came up with a creative idea for it and began the necessary work to implement it. Then, 3 days before the party, the gift exchange was cancelled. So, since I had already invested a decent amount of time into this gift, I decided not to stop at just 1 gift, but enough for everyone at the party (well, employees at the party). The following is what I came up with – each were framed individually, wrapped, and randomly selected by my coworkers (with the exception of 2)… (and of course, clicky to embiggenate)

Do I make you horny, baby? Yeah!!!

Eat your ham, Tina
It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.

I am the Walrus
Sargeant Yarsh’s one and only Lonely Hearts Club Band

Leonidas never looked so happy
Yarsh… In… SPARTAAAAA!!!!

Freedom, anyone? Anyone?...
I look good in a kilt… with Mel Gibson’s pre-alcoholic body…

I'm sorry. That last hand... it nearly killed me.
Bond. Yarsh Bond.

It's cold outside!...
Duuuun dun dun dun Duuuuun… SuperYarsh!!!

We named the monkey Jack.

Throw me the idol...
Asps… Very dangerous. You go first.

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Too much fun to be had

I ended up getting $170 dollars worth of gift certificates to Best Buy for my birthday. So, yesterday I decided to see if I could spend some of it. I went to the local BB to pick up Casino Royale and God of War 2. I would also check for a Wii (chances were extremely slim, but they’ve had a stack of PS3‘s on the floor for 5 days now, so you never know – Haha Sony! Nintendo is sticking it in your pooper…). Unfortunately, no GoW2. And no Wii. I did manage to grab Casino Royale though, and am looking forward to viewing it…

I decided to venture over to GameStop to see if they had GoW2, and they told me that they would be getting it today. I also went over to Mark‘s favorite hangout, Walmart, to see if they might possibly have it. No dice there either. No matter, I wanted to get it from BB anyways because of those gift certificates. I’ll check again today…

While at Walmart, I noticed that they had all of the Rocky movies on sale for $7.50 each. Considering that Rocky Balboa comes out on DVD next Tuesday, I picked those up to rewatch them before seeing the newest (which I didn’t get a chance to see in the theater). I bought all 4 of the originals. Even Walmart doesn’t acknowledge that a Rocky 5 was ever created: their display case had Rocky 1, 2, 3, and 4 only. How perfect.

So I beat God of War 1 again last night – only took 7.5 hours of gameplay total (after deciding to drop the difficulty level down from Hard to Easy since I only wanted to run through the game to get psyched up for GoW2 – I was getting destroyed on Hard mode and it was taking way too long to complete). Now I have to get GoW2 and catch up on my movie watching too… I have to see the Rocky’s, Casino Royale, The Illusionist (had it for weeks, but is still wrapped), and 3 Netflix movies: Superman 1, Superman 2: The Richard Donner Cut, and Employee of the Month. Plus there is a Suns game tonight (#1 versus #2 in the NBA), new Smallville tomorrow, and Suns versus Pistons on Friday.

Yes, Jamey – this is pretty much why I have no social life. That and trying to get together with my friends is much more difficult these days because of conflicting schedules. But mostly this…

Oh yeah, and to all of you non-relationshiply-challenged men out there, happy Steak and BJ Day! I had my steak for lunch. Not counting on the BJ part though…

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Random Thoughts and Another Year…

Once again, it has been a while since an update. Still not ready to post about vehicles that I may or may not have… Instead, I bring you random thoughts that have occurred to me over the past few days, and perhaps a few other tidbits as well.

* I watched Stranger Than Fiction last night, and thought it was great. I had heard that the movie wasn’t anything like people generally expected (expecially with Will Ferrell as the lead), so I went into watching it without any preconceived notions about the storyline or genre. And it was excellent. I was actually inspired by this movie; inspiration is definitely something that I have been lacking over the past several months. Highly recommended. PS – I heart Maggie Gyllenhaal.

* Also worth seeing: The Departed. Not worth seeing: Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

* The new CD office is sweet. Work is busy. But at least it doesn’t get in the way of my social life (Read: None).

* I had heard Korn‘s Freak on a Leash from their eMpTV Unplugged concert on the radio a couple of times. The song features Amy Lee from Evanescence and is quite a departure from what you would expect out of Korn. But it was interesting enough that when TiVo recorded the concert (commercial free), I had to watch it. It was not bad at all. Jonathan Davis surprised me with his very decent vocals, but the best part was most definitely the orchestrations of their tunes. Not only did they have a plethora of wonderful and bizarre instruments, they had some very cool orchestrations and chord structure modifications that were worth seeing/hearing at least once (even for the casual Korn fan or general music lover).

* You know what really Grinds my Gears? American Idol. Whys they gotta have 20 AI shows a week and push new House episodes back week in and week out? I already had to go through 3 weeks without a new House episode, then one finally airs last night, only to have the next episode be shown in 3 more weeks. Lame. Speaking of poor network programming: no new Smallville for 1 month (from Feb 15th to March 15th), no new Heroes for nearly 2 months (March 5th – April 23rd… WTF), and no new Studio 60… ever? You gotta go and cancel a show that I enjoy after half a season? NBC >= Jerks. At least I still have 24, Rome, Monk and Psych (oh wait, Monk and Psych are done until this summer – grrrrr)… Entourage and The Sopranos in April (8th to be exact). Hold on… wait a sec… NEW ENTOURAGE AND SOPRANOS ON APRIL 8TH???!!!111ELEVENTYONE (whoops – capslock got stuck)

* I upgraded my blog software to version 2.1.2, so it may or may not solve some of the issues that I was having with this site. Particularly with not being able to get to the comments (or even being able to comment at all). Hopefully this upgrade will fix it. If not… I’ll take it up with my hosting provider… 😉

* Exactly one year ago today, I wrote this post… So yeah. Go me.

That’s all for now. I’ll try harder to fulfill the 2 faithful readers with more content in the VERY near future. Perhaps some pictures even…

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More Movie Mash-ups/Recuts

I was editing my earlier post on movie mash-ups/recuts, and I found a couple of new ones that I wanted to share with you. So, here you go.

1. School of Rock


2. Garden State


3. Scarface (not the best, but good enough to watch)


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Pirates 2 – It’s Eight Legs Big…

I went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2 this morning and it was pretty friggin awesome. I won’t get into any spoilers here, but will tell you that it ends with a nice big cliff hanger. If you were unaware, Pirates 3 has already begun shooting and will be in theaters next summer (most people believe that Pirates 2 and 3 were filmed at the same time, but this is incorrect). I highly recommend seeing this movie to anybody who saw and enjoyed the original.

And one other thing – Dead Man’s Chest has obliterated the original Spider Man’s record opening weekend gross of $115 million, coming in at $132 Million for the three day weekend. I just can’t see Aquaman 2 doing that much business…

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Movie Mash-ups / Recuts

I still haven’t even begun working with my new blog software, but I did want to make a post for Rickey.

This weekend, I showed him a couple of the really funny Movie Mash-ups / Recuts that have been all the rage recently on the net. We had some good laughs and I promised to find more. So here is a list of the ones I deem to be the funniest. If you have any more to share, let me know via comments or email.

All of these videos can be seen at YouTube, or you can click on anything other than the Play button on each of the videos to see them in full size.

1. Shining (Recut trailer for The Shining – the one that started it all)


2. Brokeback to the Future (Mash-up of Brokeback Mountain & Back to the Future)


3. 10 things I hate about Commandments (Mash-up of The 10 Commandments & 10 things I hate about you)


4. Big


5. Titanic Two The Surface (Mash-up of several Leo movies to create a sequel to Titanic)


6. Se7en


7. Toy Story 2: Requiem (Mash-up of Requiem for a Dream & Toy Story 2)


8. Top Gun (It just had to be done…)


9. Sleepless in Seattle (as a horror movie)


10. You’ve got Mail Redux (You’ve got Mail scene, redone with today’s chat standards)


11. Neo vs. Robocop


12. Taxi Driver (a romantic comedy)


13. Chicago (the musical is now a horror)


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Selection Fixation

I have this weird habit while at my computer. When I am thinking about a solution, or just contemplating life, I have a tendency to click and drag my mouse pointer around the desktop – specifically highlighting only the wallpaper and none of my links or icons. Sometimes, you can get the little dotted-line box to stick – usually when the processor is choking on something or the memory is full. Fun times.

Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night – it was good. Depp portrays a deeply disturbed Wonka, as opposed to the temperamental Gene Wilder version. He’s much more bizarre and weird, but in a good way (at least for the adults). The soundtrack is entertaining, especially the Oompa Loompa songs (which I was pleasantly surprised by). And Wonka’s Welcome Song.

Willy Wonka… Willy Wonka…

Season finale for 24

I admit it – I am an avid fan of 24. And TiVo.

Today, my plans got changed because we decided to have band rehearsal tonight instead of our normal Friday nights. The season finale of 24 was tonight. No worries – we have TiVo! I came home from work and double checked that it was set to record, which it was. Then I headed off to practice.

I got home about an hour ago, and cooked up some hot dogs for dinner. Then went to plunge into 24. Only problem is that it only recorded the first 5 minutes of the show. WTF???

I am so upset right now. All I wanted to do was sit down in front of the TV and watch my show! But no, TiVo had better things to record – like spanish RoboCop.

Anyways, I called up my brother and asked if he had watched it, and he said he was currently watching it, but that I could come over and watch it when he was done. So nevermind that it is already 10PM – I’m going to my parents’ house to watch my freaking show.